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Bow Lubricant
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Diamond Hunter 11-Jun-18
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Buffalo1 14-Jun-18
I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on lubricant to use to spray the cams, limb pockets, etc.? Also, do you have recommendations on what to or not to spray?

My bow isn't making a noise, but I hunt in rain and snow and the bow is constantly getting wet. I want to protect the important parts. Please let me know your suggestions/thoughts.

Best, DH

From: APauls
I've never heard of the need to lube. Most of us hunt in the rain/snow.

From: Paul@thefort
you might check this out on Google, Scorpion Venom Bow Cam and Serving lube. May be a need. The presenter thinks so.

From: WapitiBob
You can get some noise in the pockets and yoke washers. Super Lube or a thin film of white lithium grease will fix it. Sprays won't last.

Rain won't affect much, but cheap screws will rust. Just dry stuff off.

From: Boreal
On some bows the limb pockets need to be lubed when assembled. I use a very light coating of silicone grease. No spray and nothing on cams.

From: Buffalo1
Silicone grease in limb pockets only. No lubrication on any other part of the bow.

From: Medicinemann
Don't most of them have an odor?

From: Greg
Blakemore real magic works really well and dries odorless, at least as far as I can tell. I spray that stuff on rests,cams,sights and especially releases in wet and dry dusty conditions

From: Tilzbow

Tilzbow's embedded Photo
Tilzbow's embedded Photo
Most, if not all, cam bearings are sealed and don’t require lubricants. As far as limb pockets, don’t use any type of grease since it will all collect dust, dirt and various other crud. Use copper anti seize that’s pictured. It’s a dry lube that’ll work great and I know it’s what at least one major manufacturer uses during assembly.

From: moon
graphite powder

From: GLP
In 2005 I went bear hunting and in the rain it would squeak when I drew the first time in stand. Could not figure it out till I got home and found it . Turns out the axles had a small amount of rust. Cleaned them up and coated them with lithium grease. Problem gone! Since then I remove, clean, and grease every February and haven’t had a problem since, and I hunt and shoot in the rain. Used to grease the limb pockets, but see no since on these new bows.

From: Buffalo1
I don't know the brand of lube the bowshop uses, all I know it has resolved squeaking limb issues and I've never had an issue with scent that would bother an animal.

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