An Effort To Stop Gator Hunting
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From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Buffalo1's embedded Photo
There is a nationwide effort concerning the making of Gatorade. Please show your support in this worthwhile movement . This poor child looks like a loner !

From: kota-man

From: GhostBird
The University of Florida invented a sports drink and named it "Gatorade". It was a huge marketing sensation, so Florida State decided to come up with it's own sports drink. The Florida State sports drink failed miserably... probably due to the name they gave it; "Seminole Fluid".

From: Scoot

From: Joey Ward
Was that from that half assed tribe out of Tallahassee?

The semiholes.?

You know that sign was photo shopped right. Been on the net for several years. Funny though.

From: drycreek
LOL ! dallsheepstkr, stop being a funsucker. :-) That pic is funny every time I see it.

Semiholes ??? Seminalfluid ??? Well, it ain't long until hunting season.......... :-)

From: Owl
Who would dare make fun of Free Shoes University? Ya'll have no class...but, then, neither do FSU athletes.

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