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Feline Bows, Greensburg PA
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From: oldpoo
New member here. My wife found these two recurve bows at a yard sale. Both are in very good condition. She knows I like bows so she got them for $50.00 each. One is a Ben Pearson Equalizer 7148 and the other is a Feline Panther Hunter. Both are RH 45#. Not much info out there about the Feline bows, except for a conversation from 2014 that I found on this site and that they may have been made by a different company, such as Wing Archery. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

Feline archery sold them when it was located on Swede Hill, Greensburg. They did not make them that I know of. You will probably have better luck posting on the leatherwall.

From: Boris
denton hill is at the in of july.

From: TD
Never mind..... not what I thought it was......


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