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Vermont Moose season eliminated in 2018
Contributors to this thread:
Olink 13-Jun-18
sticksender 13-Jun-18
bigbuck 13-Jun-18
Ace 13-Jun-18
nehunter 14-Jun-18
Bob H in NH 14-Jun-18
Ace of Spades 15-Jun-18
Tatonka 15-Jun-18
nehunter 15-Jun-18
Jaquomo 15-Jun-18
DonVathome 16-Jun-18
Zim1 17-Jun-18
Ace 22-Jun-18
Trial153 22-Jun-18
Lever Action 22-Jun-18
From: Olink
Just went to do my Vermont Moose app and received the surprise that there will be essentially no moose season in Vermont this year. There will be a few tags for Vermont veterans, the terminally ill, and for auction. Existing points will be frozen until the moose herd recovers enough to reinstate a hunt.

From: sticksender
Yes, it was discussed on here a couple months back, when this was first announced. Seems odd that they're still going forward with the auction tags and military tags.

From: bigbuck
I really don't see the general moose season happening for sometime if ever,the few permits that will be awarded will be for WMU E they have determined that this unit could withstand some limited hunting which will be bulls only.just a few years ago the gave out almost 500 tags in this zone,but tick have really taken a toll on the herd here in VT also in NH,I think some of the reasoning behind the season is they didn't want to completely eliminate it for fear that the never could get it back should things change!

From: Ace
Winter Ticks happened.

I think after a few years they will start to bring back tags in some zones as the population increases. They are being super conservative, but the Moose Biologists up there are on top of things.

From: nehunter

nehunter 's embedded Photo
nehunter 's embedded Photo
Here's where a Vermont Moose laid down. All the ticks popped that were full of blood. Imagine this happening every day?

From: Bob H in NH
In NH it's the tics. Moose population has dropped through the floor

This topic was covered recently on a Meateater Podcast. They discussed tag allocation in Maine. But the issues covered were issues seen all over New England. 1) ticks 2) stress from loving along the southernmost reaches of their range. An animal that’s ok with cold but is stressed by warming summers. 3) brain worm

There were probably other points but those were a few of the main ones discussed.

Check out Meateater podcast episode #118.


From: Tatonka
Sounds like Vermont, NH, etc. need more possums and guinea hens....both will help control the tick population... having guinea hens isn't realistic, of course, except for having them around your yard but maybe possums should be protected....

From: nehunter
Tatonka, Road kill is the only way a possum gets killed in New England. I don't know anyone that would hunt them.

From: Jaquomo
The moose ticks are becoming a problem here in CO too. Almost every moose we see in spring (and I see them almost daily) has major white and bare areas from where they try to rub the ticks off.

From: DonVathome
I drew a tag years ago and hunted the entire season sun up to sun down and never saw or heard a moose. Frustrating.

From: Zim1
VT is one state I don't regret my strategy from 22 years ago. Just declined to participate from day one. Quit NH after drawing in 2012. So now just Maine left, where I have max NR points. Hope the VT moose recover but glad I have no horse in their race.

From: Ace
I got a letter yesterday from New Hampshire, I'm #12 on the Alternate List for Nonresidents. Since there are only 51 Total permits (R & NR) this year, and since last year 0 NRs got taken from the Alternate list, I think it's safe to say the NH Moose are safe from me this year.

From: Trial153
My buddy drew a C2 permit in NH. Seen a really good bull there this winter running hounds hopefully we can locate him.

From: Lever Action
Never has been a viable population of Moose here. I am not surprised.

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