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Colorado GMU 2 Archery
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kdmac 13-Jun-18
PECO 13-Jun-18
Treeline 13-Jun-18
midwest 13-Jun-18
MathewsMan 13-Jun-18
Billyvanness 13-Jun-18
hooch08 14-Jun-18
Bwht4x4 18-Jun-18
Ckapp22 19-Jun-18
From: kdmac
Finally drew a Non Resident tag this year. Was hoping could get some advice/info from anyone who has hunted there before. For sure I'll not live long enough to ever hunt it again. Thanks

From: PECO
Congrats on a great tag. I don't have any info for you, other than to do a search here Unit 2 has been discussed before. The attitude here lately about asking for any info on any specific unit is not so welcoming. Quit your job and spend the summer in Unit 2 camping, scouting, and putting boots on the ground.

From: Treeline

There are definitely people getting upset about the point creep and over discussion of various units for sure! We had a long discussion on the Colorado page recently about unit 2 that has a lot of information.

I’m on a phone so not sure how to copy a link.

I also did a write up of my hunt last year up there called “An elk hunt worth the wait?”

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Good luck! Definitely check out Treeline's hunt write up!

At my link...

From: MathewsMan
My buddy did NOT draw a unit 2 Bull Rifle tag with 28 PP's. Maybe next year.

Muzzleloader NRes took 26

Holy crap 30 pt elk units are right around the corner

From: hooch08
How many did it take you for archery?

From: Bwht4x4

I sent you a PM.

From: Ckapp22
Mathewsman, just looked at unit 2 rifle stats and nobody put in pre-draw for unit 2 rifle with 28pp and everyone with 27 drew. Maybe he was a NR with 26pp? Wonder why he didnt draw?? Am I looking at it right? EE002E1R

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