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I just have to say.....
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From: 320 bull
Fair warning my grammar and spelling suck.

I have been a member here for what I consider to be a long time. I enjoy reading all the threads and the folks here are some top notch people. I feel pretty lucky to have been exposed to some of the best in the business. I have been hunting an OTC unit in CO and a general in WY when I can draw as a NR. Over the years I have seen folks post asking for information on those units. I PM'ed them and on one occasion actually had a phone conversation and screen sharing session with one of the guys to point out some things on GE. I showed him what I know about the unit. Some years they are a good place to kill an elk some not so much, mostly depends on how many people show up. On the not so good to kill an elk years I usually meet some folks and have a great hunt. After the season he emailed me and invited me to come whitetail hunting near where he lives. Offered to help me out and let me know there are some good deer around. Maybe someday... I guess my point is in all of this point creep, drawing odds drama, karma is alive and well.

Have a good hunt and sorry to those who didn't skip English class.

Great post 320

From: Bowfreak
Good post 320. Many good guys on this forum and it sounds like you are one of them.

From: Brotsky
Great post 320! I've always been willing to help folks out that come to my home state to hunt asking nothing in return. I also understand the flip side of the coin, in that many folks have dedicated years to learning certain units and areas only to have them spoiled by internet threads. Most folks here are awesome guys that will give you a hand if you need it. I think there is a big difference though between asking for a hand and asking for a hand out. Good luck this fall!

From: Deertick
Are you trying to say that life is about relationships and not antlers? Blasphemer!

From: Scoot
Good post and good replies above! Totally agree- most are good people who are helpful and willing to lend a hand.

From: 320 bull
Deertick it does sound kinda gay when you put it that way! Oops I mean gender neutral, I think. Well put Brosky and something to consider before spilling the beans. Thanks for the replies guys I was hesitant to go there but in these times a reminder to be nice can't hurt.

From: ColoBull
Agreed - great post. There are a few too many "gloom & doom" posts, and it's been getting easier to find other more productive things to do. Like spending the next 73 days more wisely ;)

From: Treeline
Good post, 320!

I am not adverse to helping guys out a bit - particularly bow hunters. Have tried to help quite a few and have made some great friends over the years.

The changes to the draw systems and greed displayed by some of the state game and fish departments is getting difficult to deal with, especially since some of us are so deep into the points systems it is crazy.

From: Darrell
I have always been able to get some good intel by posting and connecting with people on the Bowsite. I have also shared some very good intel as well. However, I have been here long enough (I've actually been on this board since I believe 1996) to know how to ask and how to do everything other than the initial contact via email, phone, etc. However, while I share places I have learned on my own occasionally, I never share places that were told to me by individuals willing to help me out. I also cringe every time I see a post listing one of my units. Unfortunately, our hunting world has changed drastically since I started. In 1991 unit 36 in NM had archery tags left over after the draw and now its a lottery ticket for both a resident and a non-resident to draw. I miss the days of feeling like I could help others more than I do. However, those days are gone so we all have to choose wisely. With that said, we can choose wisely without blasting people for asking, and if you have rarely or never posted here before, you should have enough common sense to tread softly when asking and not be surprised by some people being upset. Bottom line is every area is someone's favorite or secret area. When our areas get mentioned, we get nervous.

320: As an FYI a 320 inch bull elk equates to a 160 inch Whitetail. Best of luck.

I use Bowsite as my “hunt” dating service. By observing someone’s posts over the years I have found some incredible mentors who have helped me hunt all over NA! Bowsite Rocks!

Yes sir. Firm believer in Karma! Good luck with the white tails! Hunt

Great post. I think some of this is getting blown way out of hand myself. There has always been people asking info about hard to draw areas. The reasons are obvious. The biggest being they aren’t likely going to ever get To go there again. If any of the western guys had waited 10,12,15 years to finally draw a tag 1500 miles from home, they’d be asking for general info too.

With that said, I e been scouring the internet trying to come up with a plan b and c since it looks like the dry weather may force me to an area I am unfamiliar with. I gotta say it’s daunting. It’s also confusing trying to get info from the personal on the ground, that hasn’t been given to 10,000 other people too.

But, the thing that sticks out to me is the number of people that will ask for good areas and, the dumb people that give them info broadcast for the world to see. O problems with helping. Just do it privately if it involves specifics. I’m sure some is a witch hunt. Others I’m certain are for real. Especially when they are out state hunters bragging about their success. So, I understand the irritation with this behavior.

All in all, it’s easy not to answer. It’s eady not to ask inappropriately. It’s also easy to help a guy that seems deserving.

That’s my take.

From: nmwapiti
For what it's worth, I grew up hunting some pretty popular areas in NM. I see them mentioned on here from time to time. Last year, I had a friend at work draw one of the areas and I took him in there scouting. There were still tons of elk. He didn't kill one, but was in elk every day during his hunt. Just because you have the name of a good canyon or peak doesn't mean you can kill a bull.

From: nmwapiti
That last part came out a little odd. Was not saying my pal from work was not a good hunter. Just that all the other people that knew about the area had not run the elk out.

From: Inshart
Agreed, there are some incredible people on here.

I've been on this site since it's beginning - or darn close anyway.

When WY upped their cost my 3 hunting partners decided not to apply again. I came on here (Bowsite) and talked about that. The very next time I came back on, A (well known and accredited / respected) bowsiter contacted me via PM, and offered me to come hunt with him and his group. I was / am totally blown away that someone who only knows me via my postings on here was so kind and thoughtful to make such an incredible, and to me, meaningful offer. Hopefully I'll draw next year, but again THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I have reached out to other posters on here and given specific locations, knowing that they will not divulge any information ...... so yes, I agree Karma is alive and well.

From: 320 bull
Again thanks for the responses.... Great people here!!! And Charlie I have been lucky with the elk. Whitetails not so much, the 160" seems like a 400" elk!!

Nice thread, thanks. And good luck!

From: Bowboy
Great post 320.

From: sticksender
Good comments 320. But I don't know what you're talking about on the spelling/grammar stuff....yours looks flawless. You even seem to know 'our' from 'are'! Without bowsite friends and their help, several of my past hunts would have been far less successful.

From: KY EyeBow
Timely topic in my opinion. I can see both sides of the coin on this one as I have been on both sides. I recently drew my first mule deer tag and posted an inquiry, specifically asking for PM's if anyone felt so inclined, on the respective state forum. To date, I have gotten 2 comments, one of which was a link to a post on the Big Game forum lambasting nonresidents asking for information on specific units. Anyway, I've gotten what I expected so far but it is quite a different scenario trying to do your due diligence in a unit that you have never set foot in that takes you 26 hours to drive to in order to scout or hunt. It was my decision to put in for the tag and I am looking forward to the process of getting ready for the hunt along with the actual hunt itself. If I am successful killing a representative mulie as well, that will be icing on the cake as I am thinking the views alone will be breath taking for an Easterner like me! Anyway, help those who ask you if you want, or not, but there are lots of logistical hoops for some of us to jump through that some might not consider. I've always really enjoyed reading the threads on pretty much everything here on Bowsite and it has definitely made me a better bowhunter no matter where I am! Thanks Pat and Bowsite

I like this post, a lot. I've been very open to folks coming to Oklahoma to either hunt pigs and/or whitetails. I've offered several here on bowsite (ones I've got to know a bit) to come and hunt pigs on my place personally in the cold months after deer season. A few from here are coming next February and March to murder some hogs with me. Love it!

I also see four people on this post who've offered a hunt, helped me with a certain Western hunt or invited me to hunt with them. I love this site for that reason.

From: jordanathome
Big believer in Karma balanced by the concept of minimum necessary and never ever breaking trust shared with you. I am happy to help folks with info I gathered myself but I am not keen on taking someone else's entrusted information and sharing it further. Karma works both ways.........

Great post and there is a brotherhood here that I am honored to participate in. I am not worthy....but I am very appreciative.

And yes Jason.....I am living proof, "Just because you have the name of a good canyon or peak doesn't mean you can kill a bull." sigh....sob....

From: bentshaft
Thanks, we all need a reminder now and then.

From: Glunt@work
I had a reminder just in the last couple months. A nonresident Bowsiter was looking for some info on a unit I know a little about. I sent an email with what I know. Mostly basics and access points letting him know its been awhile since I was in there during season. He offered to share his whitetail property access in his state which, from the trail cam pics, looks to be a pretty fun spot to hunt. I may not be able to take him up on it due to prior fall commitments the next few years, but it was certainly not expected and greatly appreciated. I would rank it way above the value of my simple email so I hope Karma smiles on him.

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