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From: buc i 313
Thank you Kelly Harris,

For being the best son a father could ever wish for.

From your birth to a child, to the day you passed on you were special. At a young age everyone who came into contact with you knew there was something very good and special about you.

When you began to grow into a young man it was easy to see everyone just enjoyed being around you. That your willingness to help, to be there for others, was just the beginning of your manhood. As you grew into a man you understood the importance of family, friendship, compassion for those who were less fortunate or suffered from illness.

The excitement of your engagement and marriage to Michele, was something to behold to all who knew you both. Happy time's to everyone around you both. Smiles of the engaged couple, the wedded couple and to all who were witness of the marriage. The bonds of marriage served you both well. Andrew, Tyler, and the birth of Morgan, just strengthen the both of you.

When Morgan, was diagnosed with cancer, it was a tough blow for you two and to the families. This said, no stronger couple were prepared to face this disease head on than you and Michele. Just look at her today. (Morgan,) A beautiful strong young lady, who is loved by all.

Michele, Andrew, Tyler, Morgan, you are pillars of strength. Rocks of the Kelly Harris, family. We could plainly see, to know how the four of you handled this recent tragedy to understand the bonds, the strength of your family.

The outpouring of condolences the attendance of people who stood waiting to pay their respects to you, the families, is a testimonial to just how special you were and your family is. To those who expressed support, prayers and well wishes will never be forgotten.

Though KELLY HARRIS, will no longer contribute here on Bowsite, I am proud to see and read the kind comments made here that his legacy will not be forgotten. As a fellow hunter I have lost my best hunting partner of 42 years, my best friend, my closest confidant, a loved one.

During this difficult time I have tried to get angry with GOD ! Try as I may, I can't. Though my heart is heavy, it is a joyous heart because, GOD, allowed me 52 years with the best son any man could have been blessed with, KELLY HARRIS.

From: tobywon
Great tribute and well said Mr. Harris, thoughts and continued prayers go out to you and your family during this very difficult time.

From: Ron Niziolek
Nicely written Donald. Thoughts and prayers to your family. Ron

From: Brotsky
Very sorry for your loss Don. You have much to be proud of with Kelly, you obviously raised him well. He may be gone from these earthly bounds but your son has left behind much in all of us who knew him. I'll have Kelly's initials on all of my arrows this fall, he will not be forgotten. God bless you and your family.

From: Buffalo1
Awesome thoughts and that’s for sharing with his community of bowhunting friends. Some us know hm in the flesh, others only by words and pictures, but we knew him.

Prayers continue for the entire Harris family as you adjust to life changes.

Very nice, Donald. The chatter this fall amongst the whitetail forum will surely be Kelly Harris heavy, I'm sure of that. Continued prayers to you and your family.

From: Kodiak
Simply beautiful.

From: Jack Harris
It was a pleasure to meet and hunt with you Don. Thank you for your very well written post. I have been wondering how you were doing. Kelly sure left his mark on many and will be greatly missed. He truly was larger than life. Healing prayers to you and the family. God Bless

Awesome tribute. You're all in our prayers.

Losing a son/best friend has to be very hard so please know I am praying for you. I remember your bear hunt together in Alaska with Bob. Stay with the “Good memories”.

From: Inshart
I see where and why Kelly turned out to be such an icon - what a wonderful tribute to a Son from a Father. Continued prayers from MN.

buc, God Bless you all in these times. He was no doubt a great guy and he got that from somewhere. I told the immediate family this so, I’ll tell his father this too. Anything you may need. Today, tomorrow, anytime at all, you holler. I’ll get it done.

From: Vonfoust
A life well lived and a fitting tribute. I never met him in person but it was quite obvious that he touched very many people, he was one of those rare people that draw you in. We should all have so much fun in the time God gives us.

From: 12yards
Thanks for sharing this. I couldn't have written this, I would have shorted out my computer with tears during the process (as I have now). Your pride in your son is understood. He was loved by all who came in contact with and countless others that never knew him. God bless you and Kelly's family and friends with comfort and healing.

What a beautiful tribute, to both of you! God bless sir.


I think that most of us probably look to live a life in which at the gates, our heavenly Father tells us "Well done, I am pleased". Man, to have your worldly father say it.....just such a special thing. Man, i'm sad for all of you who have lost such a special special man. I'm also sorry for those like me who never had the pleasure to meet and come in contact with him beyond his posts here.

God bless you and your family, Don. You and your family will be in my prayers

From: Treeline
Thank you, Don. Great tribute to your son and we definitely appreciate your sharing it with us here on the Bowsite.

He made a lasting, positive impression on many and will be missed.

You and your family have been and will remain in our prayers.

From: midwest
Great tribute. Thank you for posting. We'll miss Kelly here. Prayers from Iowa.

From: Hawkeye
Beautiful tribute. Prayers sent from Iowa. God bless.

From: BigOk
Great post. Looking for a 114 this fall.

From: Scoot
That was a great tribute. Condolences and prayers from my family and me.

Very nice...

My condolences...

From: Scar Finga
Thank you for sharing that sir, God bless you all and continued prayers from AZ!

From: wilbur
I don't know you but I Love You. I Love what you wrote and my heart aches for you and the Harris family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

From: Pat Lefemine
Donald, Charlie and I had the pleasure of having dinner with your son a few years ago. He truly was a special person. You can be very proud of the man you raised, and the children he raised based based on your example. I wish you and your family peace and healing. Kelly was a big part of the Bowsite community and will be missed terribly by all of us.



You and the family are in our thoughts here on POW Island. I pulled the bait where Kelly got his bear yesterday as the season is nearing end. From now on, that particular bait will be known as the Kelly Harris Bait. Lisa and I send our condolences to you and your family. Hang in there my friend.

From: Stan NJ
Beautiful tribute to your son. I never met him but I've developed a 'quiet' friendship with some Bowsiters who I have grown to know just through their posts...without even talking to them....and certainly Kelly was one of them. I can tell you this tragic accident hit me hard. Prayers for the entire family from NJ...very sorry.

From: deserthunter
A fitting tribute. I have never met your son but enjoyed his posts on here.

From: Bowbender
What a wonderful tribute, Don. Thanks so much for sharing. Prayers for the Harris family.

So sorry for your loss . Your raised a fine man, husband and father . I hope he brings a giant buck by your stand this fall. God Bless!. Hunt

From: jdee
Hard to lose a son, you lost a good one . My condolences to the Harris family.

From: drycreek
Very, very well said. I can't imagine the heartache from losing a child. My condolences and prayers to your family.

From: Owl
During this difficult time I have tried to get angry with GOD ! Try as I may, I can't. Though my heart is heavy, it is a joyous heart because, GOD, allowed me 52 years with the best son any man could have been blessed with, KELLY HARRIS.

-Proper, poignant and beautiful, Mr. Harris. I didn't know Kelly but I trust the judgement of those who did. Gauging from that excerpt above, I imagine the acorn did not fall far from the tree.

From: jeg
Didn't know Kelley but enjoyed his posts over the years, very nice tribute. My condolences to your family.

From: T Mac
Don great tribute to your son. I know all the great memories of your son will help you through the grieving. He is in gods hands and will watch over you all. It won’t be the same for me come November when Kelly would share the good and the bad while posting his excellent adventure at hunt camp. God bless you and your family!

From: JB
Extremely well written tribute. So very sorry for your loss and my sympathies to the whole Harris family.

From: Beav
What a great tribute to your son and it speaks directly to the kind of man he was. My prayers are with you and your family.

From: kyrob
Very nice tribute to your son. Prayers for the Harris family continue.

From: Glunt@work
Beautiful words. Your son has passed on but from all I have heard of his life, his spark for life will live on as a legacy inside his family, friends and folks lucky enough to know him.

From: Arrowhead
Well said, he will be missed. Prayers to the family.

From: pav
A fitting tribute for a life well lived. God Bless.

From: Hackbow
Mr. Harris, what an incredible gift you and Kelly had and have in each other! Thank you for sharing your heart, and your son, with us.

From: Bogie
Thank You for Sharing your gift with us. God has Kelly in His Arms now and is awaiting all who call upon the Name of Jesus to join Him with Salvation. Amen

From: Bogie
Thank You for Sharing your gift with us. God has Kelly in His Arms now and is awaiting all who call upon the Name of Jesus to join Him with Salvation. Amen

From: ki-ke
Don- Thanks for sharing that tribute to your boy. Every dad here can't and won't imagine.......

Amazing legacy you began in Kelly. I'm certain that seeing it continue to grow in your grandkids will bring you much strength and peace as you adjust to a new reality.

Heavy heart prayers continue from NJ.

From: lewis
Great tribute so sorry it is a huge loss for all and I never got the chance to meet him. I betcha there’s a lot of 114s where he’s hunting now.God Bless Lewis

From: Salagi
I can't imagine having to bury your child. My most sincere condolences to you and the rest of the family. His passing hit me extra hard for some reason. I never got to meet Kelly in person, but enjoyed conversing with him a little on here and reading his posts. We will miss him.

From: Ironbow
Thank you for sharing that Don.

From: Outdoordan
That is an unimaginable pain. Obviously this great man had a great role model. Prayers to you and your family members.

From: Nomad @ work
Godspeed Kelly!

From: Will
I'm not on the main forum to much any more, and didnt realize Kelly had passed. My sympathy goes to your family. I've enjoyed Kelly's adventures here, and wish you all the best.

From: Rut Nut
Great tribute to your son, Don! God bless you and your family!

From: Bear Track
As a father, I could not comprehend how long that took to write or the tears between the paragraphs. That was beautiful and thank you for your words and your son sir.

From: JayG@work
Don, that was a great tribute to your son. Through your guidance, you brought up a great friend to me and he will be missed by all whose lives he touched. God bless you. If you ever need anything, you know the deal. Love ya Brother.

From: deerslayer
I still can't believe he won't be posting here anymore. I am very sorry for your loss, and am praying for your family. Thank you for posting that wonderful tribute.

From: CurveBow
Very beautiful words for a deserving son..... So very sorry for your loss and wish my words and prayers could do more to comfort you and your family at this sad time. R.I.P Kelly.....


From: Bigpizzaman
Wonderful tribute to your son, Thanks for posting here sir. Kelly I’ll see you on the other side, Rest In Peace my Friend!

From: Florida Mike
Wonderful tribute, praying for healing and mending hearts that only God can do. May the Lord bless you all. Mike

From: mrelite
That was a beautiful tribute to your son, my condolences to you and your family.

From: Mule Power
Your son was definitely a one of a kind Don. Hecwas a “go big or go home” man. We had a lot in common including a mutual respect for each other. That same respect goes between you and me. I told you at the visitation that I was a member of the Kelly Harris fan club. I forgot to mention I’m also a fan of Don and Michele Harris. We need to have a campfire down at the hunting lease property. Kelly would really like that. Stay in touch please.

From: INbowdude
Mr. Harris, Great thoughts and words about Kelly. We met a couple of times and talked often online & on the phone. So sorry for your loss but you nailed the guy I knew. He truly was an outdoor lunatic. My condolences to you and the family.

From: Gman
Mr. Harris - We met at the visitation. I'm the guy that lives up the road in Miami Trails. I'm going to miss honking my horn going up Branchill on those evenings that Kelly was doing an Urban hunt with Morgan. I didn't know your son for long, but he made me feel like we knew each other forever. He was a hell of a guy and I'm guessing the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

My deepest sympathies on your loss. I said this in another thread and I'll say it here, this fall, my #1 arrow will have Kelly's initials on it to remember the man, the hunter and the fragility of life.

May God bring you comfort.

From: Mule Power
This site needs a Like button!!!

From: Bou'bound
That tribute says it all on Father’s Day to boot. Your son is already missed here. Prayers continue for your family.

From: kellyharris
I love you grandpa -Morgan

From: buc i 313
I love you too sweetheart. Grandpa

Prayers to your family from Michigan.....

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