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Great Father's Day Video...Sheep hunt
Wild Sheep
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From: Kurt
Google "Epic 39 Day Stone Sheep Hunt, On The Trail of Chadwick" for a superbly done film of a son and his older father chasing Stone Sheep DIY in Northern BC, up where the most outstanding Stone Ram was shot by a fellow named Chadwick about 80 years ago. Jack O'Connor hunted there as well. It is a rifle hunt, but I think one of the best videos I've watched in a long time.

I was having difficulty posting the link, hence the Google directions. Enjoy!


stick n string's Link
Wow. What a great video......

Craziest thing.....i was at the point where he had just killed the ram, and On the verge of being misty-eyed as they grabbed each other's hands and told eachother they loved eachother, my video stops playing in my phone rings. It was my dad. He said "I'm on my way to the doctors office just reminiscing. Do you remember that old Hoyt recurve when you were little..."

That old Hoyt Recurve was my first bow. Never killed a Stone sheep with it but more than once I carried that bow inside the house and threw a rabbit down on the kitchen counter, heading up to my room to get ready to get on the school bus as my mother yelled at me for doing it "again". That was a powerful video and man does God have a way of taking anything and making it so much more powerful than it could be on its own.

Thanks for sharing the video, that help put a smile on my face that won't leave the rest of the day

From: nmwapiti
Awesome video. Helped my dad kill his best bull elk last year at age 69. He felt bad that I had to pack it out of that canyon. I told him not to worry, he helped pack out plenty of my animals. He did carry out the rack :) Will try to get a bigger one if the tag gods smile on him again.

From: Mad Trapper
Never got to hunt much with my Dad. Some small game and a few deer hunts. His Dad died when he was 7. He never had anybody to take him hunting, so he didn't know what to do when his son wanted to go. He took me and we even killed a deer. Still remember him on watch smoking a cigar! I miss him. Outstanding video!!!

From: otcWill
Incredible and inspiring

From: longspeak74
Special, very special!

From: Treeline
Awesome video, thanks for bringing it up!

From: Chasewild
G*d damn this is a good one.

From: Pigsticker
Epic journey, thanks for sharing!

From: Scoot
Wow- definitely worth the time to watch that video. Very cool. I'm not a big user of the word "special", but that had to be a very special hunt for those two gentlemen.

After the shot: “I love you, I love you too Dad”

Nothing else needs to be said. Say it! Happy Father’s Day to you all! C

From: ki-ke
That was spectacular...thanks for sharing

Epic. Bad@ss. Incredible. What a great hunt and video. As a guy who lost his Dad before we ever had a chance to hunt anything other than deer and grouse, this makes me a bit jealous.........but happy at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

From: Medicinemann
Best video that I have watched in a really long time......

From: Stoneman
pretty steep... ehh

Beautiful country!

Thanks for sharing. Great representation of what a hunt should be as well as what matters in life. My dad is 65 years young and priority 1 this fall is to get pops his first archery elk. As in video above, we’ll give it all the effort and time required to get it done and enjoy every moment along the way. Happy father’s day to all the dads out there this weekend.

From: Mark Watkins
Simply had to watch in its entirety (at the office:))!

What a fantastic tribute!!

Happy Father's Day to all you Fathers out there!!!


From: Rut Nut
That's epic for sure! And what a HUNT! And so much more....................................... ;-)

From: Neubauer
Most inspiring hunting video I’ve ever watched. Thanks very much for bringing this video up. Happy Father’s Day to all of you.

From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
My dad took my brother and I out hunting at very young ages. His oldest son was killed in a car wreck at 17. I think that made him realize he needed to spend time with his other two sons. By the time I was in the third grade I was hunting by myself with a .410. He took us with him deer hunting in the sierras. Probably why he never got a buck. He died when I was 12 But those few years spent outdoors lasted me a lifetime. That is such an emotional video for me. What a blessing in life to spend all that time with your dad hunting and learning life skills to pass onto your kids. I’m 68 and last December I got to share my sheep hunt with my sons. I hope they never forget it. They can tell their grandkids about their over weight crippled old man finally crawling uphill on all fours to get in position for that one moment when time stands still. That moment when you get a sheep in your sights. Such a well done video. What a tribute to a great outdoorsman and father. I’ll have sweaty eyes all day thinking about it. Thanks for sharing it.

From: Neubauer
Most inspiring hunting video I’ve ever watched. Thanks very much for bringing this video up. Happy Father’s Day to all of you.

From: SBH
Thats it right there. Thats what its all bout. Loved it. Thanks for sharing

From: 160andup
That's a great video. Love it every time I get a chance to hunt with my dad.

From: Paul@thefort
I do believe I had a tear in my eye. At 78 years, I know the feeling of pain, hardship, work, and then jubilation, that a hunt like that demands and then gives.

"one step at a time". Nicely done. my best, Paul

From: M.Pauls
Perfect in every way!

Story - phenomenal

Guys - down home, hard working humble type

Ram - outstanding

Videography - very well done without the new ‘hollywood’ feel

Can’t help but feel like I was right in there. Thanks for sharing

From: SaddleReaper
Thanks for sharing. This is the most inspiring video I've ever watched... I hope to share a hunt of similar value with my father some day.

By far the best video I have ever seen. I also had a tear in my eye. That’s what hunting is all about . Thanks for sharing . Hunt

From: sk hoyt
Excellent video! One of the best ones I have seen. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Those are 2 mentally tough guys. Issues that would stop most people they just kept going. What a great inspiration. Don’t say someday. It doesn’t have to be Stone Sheep. Put it on the calendar and start planning.

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
What a great video! “I get to do this hunt with my best friend “, or something similar. Watching part of this through misty eyes. Very timely thread as well.

We leave in 10 days for our annual Canada fishing trip that we’ve taken for the past 40 years. Dad is 82 and still gets around fairly well, but time is catching up a bit. Not sure how many more years he’ll be able to go. I’ve been truly blessed to have my father totally involved in my life all of these years, and I still get to interact with him on pretty much a daily basis. I’m sure many others feel the same way about their dads, but my dad is the greatest man I’ve ever known. I know several friends who lost their dads or they weren’t actively involved in their lives. I can’t imagine the void that would be there.

Tomorrow is promised to no man. Don’t miss a chance to spend time or, at least tell your dad you love him!

From: DL
T-Roy cherish every minute with him like it’s your last. I regret not knowing about my families history when they were young. Found an old journal from my grandmother. They moved from Illinois to homestead in eastern Montana in 1904. We don’t know how hard life was 75-80 years ago. You are a fortunate man to have so many years with your dad. I hope you share with your kids about your dads life. We don’t realize how important our parents are until they are gone. As s 68 year old I am looking at the wrong end of the tunnel. I often wonder in how Many generations it will take for me to be a forgotten memory in my family. Age does that to you. I remember the first time my dad took me fishing. I was five and I still have that tackle box after 63 years.

Great video! I am headed to Alaska in Aug 2019 for Dall Sheep with my Dad who will be 66. This video really hits home. Can’t wait!

From: Shrewski
That was excellent all around.

From: Buckhunter
Great video!!!

From: midwest
Simply spectacular! Yeah, I choked up on that one.

From: Rickm

From: Boreal
Simply awesome!

From: Cazador
I agree, very very good.

From: packnin4elk
He's a bruiser and I don't mean the ram. Awesome trip!

From: JM
That is the best hunting video that I have seen in a long time!

I hunted Stone Sheep three years in a row in the area just north of the Muskwa river and this video reminded me of the absolute beauty of the country, It really made me want to go back again. My hunts were 12 days long each and I can tell you that I was plenty tired by the end of each hunt. 39 days hunting off of horseback and living off the land is something that just isn't done anymore, you have to admire the fortitude it took to do this hunt and to take the time to video it. I think this video shows why we hunt better than any I have seen in a long time. Congratulations to the hunter for a great ram! and to his son for making such a good video.

John MacPeak

Awesome video. Just watched it with my son. Neither of us said a word the entire time. Both of us enjoyed every minute.

From: Arrowhead
Awesome is all I can say about this video. Thanks.

From: Bou'bound



From: Aubs8
I finally made time to watch the video...well worth would be nice to see more like this one...sincere, from the heart and with proper perspective...and successful to boot...leave in 22 days...can't wait!

Take care. Mike

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