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Whitetail Deer
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APauls 14-Jun-18
Pat Lefemine 14-Jun-18
From: APauls
Curious what you guys find is your best summer locations to track deer and especially mature bucks. We all know it gets easier to narrow them down in late July / August as they hit obvious food sources. Currently there is a ton of browse and you even have natural clover etc in a lot of places. Deer can eat anywhere and everywhere. What are your favorite places to track deer in June and into July?

I am hunting a brand new property this year and haven't been able to spend any evenings scouting which would usually be my first step to see where deer are moving around. Personally I usually find the big bucks don't like heavy cover when they've got decent velvet headgear I'm thinking because it is sensitive and they don't want to damage it. I've been getting some pretty decent pics in one spot I would call a travel corridor which is a few yards between mature bush and heavy willows. Average a couple deer coming by per day which I consider quite good for MB especially this time of year. Another spot maybe 1-2/day in a real small meadow just off a river. Curious what you guys like this time of year.

From: Pat Lefemine
Put out mineral licks and set up cameras. Best way to get a jump on your buck inventory. It’s legal in most states but not all so best to check.

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