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corn with cowpeas
Whitetail Deer
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From: crowny
Has anyone planted corn, waited till it gets up then plant cowpeas between the rows?

From: Fuzz
Haven't but sounds like a good idea.... built in trellis for the peas to climb.

From: Pat Lefemine
I’m sure it would work but I’d only do it after I’m done spraying and applying my 2nd round of fertilizer in July. Otherwise you’re going to mess them up.

From: wildan
Good idea but takes some specialized equipment on a large scale.It would be a lot of work to do by hand. I am trying cow peas mixed with sunflower this year.

From: t-roy
I wouldn’t be able to with one of the herbicides I spray to, hopefully, control water hemp and other broadleaves.

Also, I would think it would negatively affect your corn yield somewhat, if you’re planting corn for that purpose. They would help fixing nitrogen, but, imo, they would stunt the corn’s growth.

From: Scrappy
Unless done on a large scale plot or a very low deer density your corn will get destroyed by the deer getting at the peas.

From: olebuck
i've done it with RR corn.

let the grass grow up about 6" or so, spray it down with round up and come back a few days later and over seed the cow peas between the rows with some fertilizer (use extra). I use my ATV seed slinger if the corn is not too tall.

the dying grass adds enough cover / mulch for the peas to germinate and they will come right up!

From: lewis
Used to plant corn and rr soybeans together just broadcasted them at the same time.8-10 lbs of corn and a bag of soybeans.Worked like a charm.Bears made it not such a great idea.Lewis

From: crowny
ok thanks for the info. I do plan on planting the peas after the corn is up about 6-8 inches and after I spray and fertilize. I'm not to worried about the corn growth I am looking more for something the peas to grow on.

From: AccMan
I'm planting sorghum and peas together. The sorghum protects the peas and gives them something to climb and the deer wont eat the sorghum until very late season. Hopefully the bears will leave the sorghum alone. I have an 18' wide row of sorghum planted on each side of the food plot and in the middle for winter will be winter peas, brassicas and cereal rye. On the far end of the plot will be a small section of cereal rye and clover. My thought process being something will be there all year long.

From: crowny
Just planted 1/4 acre of cowpeas then planted the other 1/4 acre with a mix of corn and cowpeas in hopes of making some cover for the deer as well as something for the cowpeas to climb. now just need some rain here in upstate NY.

From: PushCoArcher
I don't know what deer densities are like in your neck of the woods but around here a 1/4 acre of peas would be destroyed long before hunting season started. Not trying to be negative just relaying my personal experiences. Deer love peas a little to much unfortunately I learned the hard way planting anything under a acre just couldn't stand up to the browsing. If you're able to expand the plots I think corn and peas would be a great combo if you're going to keep the plots small you might look at planting something different if the peas don't hold up.

From: crowny
I also have a perennial plot of clover,chicory and alfalfa, 1/2 acre of that as well and 1/2 acre of soybeans. last year I tried a small plot of cowpeas and they didn't hit them until September. If they do destroy it I have a back up plan for fall. thanks for the input.

From: Catscratch
I have Austrian Winter Peas planted with sunflowers, millet, and sorghum. Strictly a summer plot with no intentions of any of it making it to maturity. The plots will be planted to chicory/clover/cereal grains this fall. The summer crop is good nutrition for lactating mommas and antler growing dad's though.

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