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Which Prime Quiver with Centergy
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Turtle 15-Jun-18
TheTone 15-Jun-18
Buglmin 16-Jun-18
milnrick 16-Jun-18
TheTone 17-Jun-18
Ucsdryder 17-Jun-18
From: Turtle
I am going to be outfitting a Prime Centergy and am curious about how each of the two different Prime quivers (one vs two piece) will affect the balance of the bow. One feature of the Centergy is that the location of the handle reduces the weight on the top of the bow (top heavy), but just curious how these two different model will change the balance. Won't a one piece quiver mounted at the top of the bow create more of a top heavy bow? Thanks in advance.. Turtle

From: TheTone
I have the two piece on mine, but am considering swapping to a tightspot. Its fairly small for a six arrow quiver, pretty much all of my fletching are touching and I'm not sure I can get six fixed broadheads in the hood.

From: Buglmin
The Sherpa quiver from Prime is a great two piece quiver and the mounting system is top notch. I had no issues with mine. I since switched to the trophy ridge two price pro lite quiver, quieter and more compact width wise. I'll have one on my Logic soon.

From: milnrick
We've got headloc quivers on Millie's Centergy and my Ion. Very pleased with their performance.

From: TheTone
Buglmin how are you attaching the trophy ridge 2 piece on a Sherpa bow?

From: Ucsdryder
I’ve got a tight spot. No complaints but nothing to compare it to.

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