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Fred Hermann Bows
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From: SBH
Anyone shoot one of his bows? I believe he's in AZ. His son is up here in MT and put me in contact with him. I'm getting ready to buy my first recurve or longbow. Not sure which one yet. Been compound since I started but I've had the itch for awhile to at least have one to shoot. Was originally looking at a Toelke but since I have an in with this guy I may go that route. Any of you guys have any experience with his bows? Thanks

From: David A.
I owned one. It was excellent.

From: APauls
My only advice is that trad bows in my experience are like skate (hockey) shopping. You can predetermine all you want what you want to buy, but unfortunately you don't get to choose a skate or a bow from a catalogue or a web page. You HAVE to "try them on." Sure, a guy can get lucky, but if you don't have the right fit you will be fighting it to some degree the entire time you own it. If you get the right fit it is the most natural thing in the world. Good luck with your quest.

From: SBH
Ya, I really don't even know what I want...or should want! It's all totally new to me. Just always had a fascination with them. I saw a guy shooting one at the range about a year ago and I couldn't take my eye off his bow. I must have been obvious cause he says " Um do you want to shoot it?" Hell ya I said. It was a toelke whip. Such a cool bow.

Anyways, I was leaning towards them but this guy's dad makes these bows and showed me a few pics and put me in touch with him so thought that would be a cool thing too. I just can't find any info about his company. I'll give him a call tomorrow and see how that goes. Thanks guys.

From: Crash
I've never heard of him but that doesn't mean his bows aren't excellent. As stated above, the best thing to do is to shoot as many different bows as you can to determine what you like. I would recommend finding a traditional 3d shoot, most guys will let you shoot their bows.

From: Buglmin
He lives in Dewey, Arizona. He makes beautiful bows, Eagles Flight. How's can flat out shoot!! The grips are great, bow is well balanced. I shot one for a while and really liked it. Beautiful lines in the riser, limbs are well made and tips are small for increased speed. I'd buy another one in a heart beat!!!

From: SBH
Great Stuff. Thanks Anthony

From: Gnombre
I own a couple of them and my son and daughter both own one of his bows. They are really great shooting bows.

From: Bowbaker
check out some folks seem to like them.

From: BSBD
There’s also some excellent bowyers in Montana. Centaur Archery Schafer bows Toelke Robertson Thunderhorn Jim Remp self bows Ryan Gil self bows

I would like to try one from Sierra Blanca. I’ve heard they’re pretty good.

From: blackbear62
Would you like some advice? Hold off on the new now for a while. Like was mentioned go-to a trad shoot or league night. trad shooters are more than willing to let an interested party try their bow. Shoot as many as you can. Next i would pick up a good used bow that you have tried out. Shoot it and learn your style. You have a lot to learn; glove or tab, wood carbon or aluminum; split finger, 3 fingers under. Most important is not to over bow yourself. 50# is a great place to start and develop good technique. Once you become familiar with shooting trad gear now you know better when choosing a custom now maker. Mark

From: Shawn
Best advise is buy a used Red Wing Hunter a 58"er would be ideal. You can buy them from 125 to 200 bucks. Get one around 42-47#s and shoot it. See how ya like shooting a recurve. If you get hooked you can than start looking for a custom. You can insert a lot of bows were I put Red Wing Hunter, Bear, Martin, Browning etc. My point is buy a bow of mid-length so to speak and don't go too high in poundage. A bow 58-62"s will handle most folks draw length and again 42-47#s will be comfortable for most guys to shoot as long as you don't draw 30"s or more. when you get a bow PM me and I will steer you on the right arrow for your set up! Shawn

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