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Low PH - Seed advice needed
Whitetail Deer
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jensbear 20-Jun-18
PushCoArcher 20-Jun-18
Creek chub 21-Jun-18
skookumjt 21-Jun-18
nutritionist 30-Jun-18
BOHUNTER09 30-Jun-18
From: jensbear
We have a one acre food plot with a PH of 6.0. We don't have the means to drop a ton of lime to raise it to a better level. We weed-wacked the high weeds this past weekend and then sprayed with Round-up.

The farmer we lease from will turn over the plot in a week or so, once the round-up has done it's job. He will then add manure from his cows to help fertilize. We are looking for suggestions of what to plant in this plot. We are located in Southern NY State and we will use this plot as a hunting plot from October thru the December late bow/muzz season.

We have planted twice in this plot over the last 5 years, once with turnips which took pretty well, and once with a clover mix, that didn't grow at all. I don't recall the brand/type of turnip we used in the past.

Any suggestions of what to plant based on this info?

Thanks much.

From: PushCoArcher
Hard to go wrong with oats will grow anywhere and the deer like them.

From: Creek chub
A ph of 6.0 is not really that low. Your seed planting options are pretty wide open

From: skookumjt
The cow manure may give you more weed problems than it's worth. While the pH isn't terrible, you can use pelletized lime to amend it. I would also avoid turning it over. It will just bring up weed seeds. People work their dirt too much.

From: nutritionist
pH is only 1 part of the equation. Very few people fertilize correctly. That is where i'd be willing to help you. What is the soil type? Soil texture and structure? Low ground, high ground, shade?

The more information you provide the better.

I agree on the cow manure. Put some on my garden once. Took several years to get through the weed issue

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