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Whitetail Deer
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Grubby 20-Jun-18
swampokie 20-Jun-18
dickbird 20-Jun-18
fastflight 20-Jun-18
grubby 21-Jun-18
dm/wolfskin 21-Jun-18
KsRancher 21-Jun-18
From: Grubby

Grubby's embedded Photo
Grubby's embedded Photo
This is coming up in a clover plot, there is a lot of it and it’s obvious it came in with my seed. It’s probably pretty harmless and I’m sure the first mowing will take care of it

From: swampokie
Looks like oats

From: dickbird
Not sure but looks like Canada wild rye.

From: fastflight
I agree with Rye. I work construction and oats and rye are used as temporary seed and this looks like the rye that comes up. There is an annual and perennial variety though so hard to determine how long you might have it.

From: grubby
Thanks, definitely Rye. Maybe I should make whiskey?

I have never planted any rye but I understand fromthose who do that it is hard to get rid of without spraying.

From: dm/wolfskin
Oats hang down from seed head. Wheat or rye.

From: KsRancher

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