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Dark Moon Phases for Africa 2019
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Firehuntfish 21-Jun-18
EIStone 21-Jun-18
Firehuntfish 24-Jun-18
From: Firehuntfish
Our 2018 hunting season at Limcroma Safaris is well underway. For those of you considering an African bow hunt for 2019, it's time to make your plans... Although we can host our hunting guests anytime of the season, generally we recommend that our bow hunters plan their hunts between the months of May through September.

The size of our "bow-only" properties and the management plan we have in place assures great hunting opportunity all season long. That said, our most serious bow hunters prefer to plan their safaris around the new (dark) moon phases of the driest months of each season to stack all of the available advantages in their favor. The days leading up to, and just past a dark moon and a dry winter is the best combination to have those animals on their feet all hours of daylight in search of water and minerals.

The dark (new) moon phases for 2019 in Southern Africa are as follows:

May 5

June 3

July 2

August 1

August 30

September 28

To take advantage of the dark moon, we suggest timing it so the majority of your hunting days falls within that 10-day window before and after the new moon. Best of luck and safe travels to all of those hunting this season or to those who have their safari booked for next season! For all of your safari planning needs, please get in touch with Dan at #954-328-6314 or

From: EIStone
will be there last week of August and first week of September next year, can't wait.

From: Firehuntfish
Just to follow up on a few PMs that I have received, the moon phases for North America are indeed the same for South Africa. You may see a slight variation by a calendar day one way or the other, depending on what calendar you reference, but it's the same moon in Africa... You are just going to see it from a lower angle...

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