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Bike trailer
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From: crosscut
Any thoughts on a good bike trailer?? Thanks

From: PECO
A trailer to haul a mountain bike or dirt bike? Or a trailer to pull with your mountain bike for bike camping/hunting.

From: WapitiBob
I finally gave in and we used ours one morning. I got about 3 miles, stopped, and tossed it into the ditch. Picked it up on the way back. After partner killed, we hauled the first quarters on our backs, on our bikes, then came back with the trailers.

Noisy, bounce like a rubber ball when empty, not a total pain in the ass but close.

From: smarba
As WapitBob states, trail conditions have to be nearly perfect for a haul behind bike trailer to be effective. Steep up or down very hard. Technical trails very hard.

If you have the perfect scenario for a trailer the BOB Yak or Ibex are your best bet. Single wheel trailer tracks on nearly your same mountain bike line. Double-wheel trailer (like a kid trailer) are nearly worthless because the double wheels track entirely different lines than you and often those lines are a lot more rough, include rocks & logs etc.

I'm an expert level mountain biker/racer and used my BOB Ibex for a mule deer hunt on moderately easy single track. It was about the max I could manage - just barely worthwhile versus carrying in a pack. If you're a recreational-level mountain biker you're going to end up pushing your bike and trailer a LOT.

From: del_binari
I got a BOB trailer a few years ago off craigslist for a good price, with the high hopes of using it. But never have. I think if you are pedaling up hill empty and downhill full there may be an advantage. I haul it with me when I take my bike, someday, maybe it will get used. Not going to sell it cause I won't get my money back, and it can't hurt to have in case conditions warrant using it.

From: Nwmontana14
I use this one It is made for the Rambo bikes, but I just made some modifications to the rear rack on my mountain bike and it works great. Plus it also works as a game cart and breaks down for easy hauling if you want to carry it in with a packframe and then use the packframe and the cart to haul out your game.

From: a'Lish
I think that if you are cycling on a “Jeep” road (instead of single track) a trailer (either single or dual tire) would work pretty prepared to sweat, wear your “biking clothes” and carry your hunting clothes. Smarba is’s tougher than you think!

On single track, I’ve found it is far better to have a rack for my bow (going in the bow is in the pack) and carrying the animal on your back...on subsequent trips, just the pack. And, yes, the downhill can be a thrill!

From: Titan_Bow

Titan_Bow's embedded Photo
Titan_Bow's embedded Photo
I've used a trailer a lot, but only once for elk in the mountain, and like others have said, it didnt work so well. However, its all about terrain and trail conditions. I do use mine alot when we hunt whitetails and turkeys in Nebraska or eastern Colorado. Its amazing how quick you can get a mile or so back in from the road with treestands, groundblinds, etc.

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