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Wyoming Unit 57
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Frank Sanders 21-Jun-18
coelker 21-Jun-18
Let me preface this, before some of the armchair bowhunters get their panties in a knot & prepare to burn me alive for asking for info......... 1) I know it is an excellent area, that's why I burned max points on it. 2) I'm going to scout it as well as have a friend in Baggs who is helping me. 3) I'll apply for Tipton WMA to give myself another 50K plus acres to hunt if I draw. 4) A good friend rifle hunted it with his son and has shared maps, details, etc. That being said, it is a giant hunt area that I'm going to bow hunt & this being a dryer than normal year in much of the unit things change up. Any info, pointers, etc. would be much appreciated. Plus, I'm excited to go, have a WY elk tag too! Thx

From: coelker
I spend 20+ days a year in that area camping and hunting. It is a great tag and as you said a huge area.

This year is extremely dry. Of my favorite 10 water sources in the fall to hunt, 7 are already dry. Last weekend there was a little weather but 80% of the unit did not see a drop.

You will find a plethora of antelope in every part of the unit and in my opinion and experience no area has more potential than other areas...

Be mobile, glass, glass, glass... If you are intent on sitting water in a blind with a bow wait until you find the big one and see where he is watering as some holes will have dozens of lopes water but no big bucks...

I have cameras up now and if I find a 80+ lope I will let you know...

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