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BB needs some help!
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From: BB
Three of my friends and myself are heading up to Alaska's Denali National Park in August to try to photograph some BIG moose, bears and what ever else gives us a shot.

One of my friends, who is an excellent photographer and hunter, purchased some high end radios for us to take and use. We will be in 2 different trucks and want to advise each other if we see a good subject to photograph.

Now the help we need. We would like to get these radios set up so we can not only contact each other, but to also be able to hear the warnings and notices of others on radios so we can get in on all the action that's going on, as we will only be there for just about a week when one figures one day for travel each way.

Are there any of you who do ham radios or other radios or listening devises such as he purchased and that would be willing to set the up correctly. If you would, we would be happy to furnish you with a great large size image, of your choice, for you to have made up so you can hang it on your wall.

Here's the model of the radios he purchased.


Any and all help will be appreciated.

My email address is and Jason's (he's really the one who needs to know) is:

Thanks in advance to all of you, and I wish you all the best season ever!

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: Treeline
Sounds like an awesome trip, Bill! Wish I could offer some help but I certainly don’t have that knowledge!

Wish I could go!

Will try to get a Snuffer thru a few critters this fall!

From: drycreek
BB, I'm no help either, but I'll be looking forward to the pics. You guys be careful and have a great time !

From: Glunt@work
Sounds like a great trip. I'm not set up anymore, but I bought some Baofengs and programmed them myself with CHIRP software (free) and I think I had to order a cable. Wasn't hard and I found everything I needed on Google and


If you need any logistical help while you're around Wasilla, place to stay, let us know.

From: midwest
Good luck, Bill! Have a great camera hunt!

From: Scoot
I wish I could offer some useful help Bill. I will wish you a great and safe trip however! Have fun!

From: smarba
BB: no help with radios, but my family lives in Eagle River just outside of Anchorage. I'll get you contact info - you need any help they'll take care of you. My dad's a bush pilot so I'll get you lined out for a flight seeing trip. Carl

From: APauls
You know P&Y won't accept those photos eh Bill? ;) Sorry wish I could help I can only wish you luck.

From: Arrowhead

Arrowhead's Link
Lots of stuff on You Tube.

From: Z Barebow

Although I haven’t programmed those radios, I have worked in communications field for 30+ years. I program other mfg radios. Feel free to PM me on Bowsite or FB.


BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
Good luck !!! We got pretty close to some moose in Denali last month on our family vacation.... but this is my favorite picture... my daughter on our hike in the park....... PS.... Will the bulls be in velvet while you are there ??? PSS.... I recommend a trip to Jeff Kings place outside of Denali..... He won the Iditarod 4 times......

From: Gator
Several things come into play with these radios. Some modes(frequencies) require an amateur radio license. Other concern is the legal power output 0.5 watts on other available modes.

From: Bob H in NH
If I remember right you can only drive tour own car so far in denali, need to take the bus in most of the way

Look forward to the pictures

From: Mark Watkins
Good luck Bill!!!

I have no technical skills of any value!


From: t-roy
I wish I could help you, BB!

Looking forward to your pics, though. Good luck & stay safe!

From: Jims
Hey BB, I've spent quite a bit of time in Alaska the past few years and would highly recommend an InReach. I'm pretty sure you can text each other and get almost immediate response. I'm pretty sure we hooked our's up to a cell phone. I used this on my last 2 Alaska trips. We text our pilot on my last dall sheep hunt that we shot our ram and were ready to be picked up. We text our boat to pick us up after a successful goat hunt. You can also use it as a GPS. It's possible to buy a month or year subscription.

Better than an InReach would be a sat phone. They obviously are fairly expensive.

From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
Sorry for the late return, but I have been swamped with stuff I had to get done before my next trip.

Thanks to all of you who responded. I hope those that know these radios also emailed Jason at the email address I left for him. He is really the one who wants to have these set up. I am too dumb for stuff like this. I have a hard time with just keyboard.

I plan to see Jason this Friday, as he has a son getting married and the wife and I are going to the son's reception. I will make sure he knows about every one who posted on this thread and hopefully you guys who know this kind of stuff can talk with him. He's the genius with our group, I am just the good looking guy that all the girls chase. Ha Ha

Again thanks to every single one of you.

Have a great bowhuhnt. BB

From: mn_archer

one of my childhood buddies lives up there and is a wildlife photographer. Check out his website at

if you are looking for tips on good spots up there he might be a good resource

Safe travels



BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
Here’s a moose by the side of the road in Denali.......

From: CurveBow
Good luck on the trip Bill! I too vote for a Garmin InReach. I've used one to communicate with home from Colorado Newfoundland and Ontario backcountry. I've also communicated with a fellow hunter with one during a trip. You pair the InReach with your smart phone (I use an Iphone) using Blue Tooth. You can do texts as well as reach emergency services. You use your phone to compose the texts (much easier then thru the InReach!). You have to send a text to someone so they can text you back. Meaning that just because you have 200 contacts in your phone, none can reach you unless you reach out to them first. Keeps traffic & costs down. Plus, you select the plan that fits you and you can do fees on a monthly basis then turn them off when you don't need them. I turn mine on sometimes in August then off at the end of December for example depending on hunts I have planned.

From: Nick Muche
If you end up in Fairbanks please reach out should you need anything. You can see the beautiful mule deer print you gave me many years ago.

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