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Sighting in Bowfishing arrow
Contributors to this thread:
bghunter 21-Jun-18
smarba 21-Jun-18
Matt 21-Jun-18
bghunter 21-Jun-18
Lever Action 22-Jun-18
Bigpizzaman 22-Jun-18
Boatman71 26-Jun-18
From: bghunter
This may be an odd question, however here it goes. I have a gator hunt scheduled for September and would like to sight in my bowfishing arrow for about 15 yards. I know the gator arrow I will be using will be a tad heavier, but want to at least get my set up close.

I do not have a pond etc I can shoot into but do have a target. My question is my bowfishing arrow would tear up the target like there is no tomorrow as it has the tip that would expand and pulling it back through the target would be hard to do.

Any suggestions on other options?

From: smarba
Shoot it into the lawn or pile of sand/soft soil

From: Matt
Pull the barb from one and shoo into a regular target.

From: bghunter
I will maybe look into shooting into the dirt backstop at my local range.

Matt, The arrows I have dont have the removable barbs, but since I almost never bowfish I could maybe just cut the barbs off. Thanks for that idea, that way I can at least shoot at home.

From: Lever Action
The dirt is it. Sacrifice one arrow so the good arrow will hit the mark.

From: Bigpizzaman
Yeah anything works, milk-jug or feed sack or piece,of,styrofoam You shouldn’t have to shoot too many times

From: Boatman71
When I was bowfishing tournaments I would use a golf ball in the yard. Bounce the ball around the yard for a while with the arrow. Fun practice.

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