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What Kind Of Release Aid Do You Hunt Wit
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From: Wapitidung
I'm curious. What type of release aid do you hunt with? Hinge, pull through, wrist strap, ect.? Do you use the same release for 3D and throughout the year or do you switch things up?


From: Bou'bound
Scott shark for every shot

From: Pyrannah
Like mike

From: drycreek
Trufire Hardcore strap. Got two of them and that's all I use. I ain't smart enough to be switching up.....

From: Ucsdryder
Thumb. I played around with a hinge and back tension this winter. I liked the hinge a lot but once I figured out back tension with a thumb it seemed like the best option for me.

From: Bowboy
Carter Ember thumb release.

From: David A.
STAR Archery releases I invented. Taken a lot of game with them and have preferred them over glove/tab as they are quieter, feel better, more accurate, and give better arrow flight. Unfortunately they don't work as well as mechanical releases for compound due to the let off.

From: JW
Stan sx-2 thumb release

From: greg simon
Trufire Hardcore Four Finger. Every shot I take.

From: pav
Recently switched from a Carter Like Mike to a Carter RX1.

From: Dino
Nock2it, thumb trigger. Almost an identical release to the Carter Wise Choice. I shoot my Silverback tension release for 3D archery, and shoot my Nock2it with my Hunting bow. I fire both releases the same way, with tension.

From: t-roy
Truball Tornado for the past 15+ years or more.

From: Sling Shot
I also use the Nock to it release. I got it last year. Just wish I had it years ago.

From: Robbo
Whalen Hooker slider. Love it

From: JTV
Truball 4 finger Boss X ... I went away from wrist straps close to 7 years ago

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
The holy trinity

From: Errorhead
Scott Talon

From: elk yinzer
Winn Free Flight. Up to two hands now counting the more expensive releases I tried and stayed with old faithful based on results. I need to buy a lifetime supply before they go under. I just hunt and practice for hunting on my own don't do much of the other archery stuff.

From: bad karma
1. Spot Hogg Keeton 2. Like Mike

In that order....

Carter Rx1 for everything.

From: 'Ike'
Scott Wildcat...

From: Copey
I shoot a back tension exclusively now. I used to shoot a back tension all off season, then switch to an index finger release for hunting . I shoot better with a hinge so that's wha I'm hUnting with as well.

Stan Blackjack

Have used wrist strap release and a thumb release before but nothing as accurate for me as the hinge.

From: bowhunter55
Been shooting with a Carter RX2 since they came out with them. Will never change.

From: Olink
Carter Quickie. Surprised by all the thumb releases mentioned so far. I've never met anyone who uses a thumb release for hunting.

Scott Samuri

From: joehunter
Little Goose

From: Bullhound
With one Bow I shoot either a hinge (Stan Black Pearl, Stan Jet Black) or a Thumb Stan Shootoff.

With the other bow I use a Carter Lucky most of the time.

What would be the easiest hinge model to make the switch to from a wrist trigger finger release.

From: mountainman
Trufire Hardcore strap

From: Chasewild
Carter Squeeze Me.

From: Butternut40
Scott Longhorn Hex

From: midwest
altitude, I would recommend either the 2 Smooth I have pictured above or TRU Ball HT.

Lots of good ones out there, tho.

From: Kurt
Scott Itty Bitty Goose index finger/wrist strap. The head attaches to the strap such that it folds back under attachment making it painless to wear when backpack hunting. I don't care for the wrist strap releases with the long dangling heads that get in the way.

I did work extensively with a Scott hinge release and a Carter Evolution (pull through) a decade ago soon after I switched from fingers. They helped me develop a surprise release that minimizes target panic.

From: APauls
Trufire hardcore buckle foldback. Gotta be going on 5-10 years.

From: Boris
Trufire SMOKE. easy to use and adjust. Plus it folds back.

From: Boatman71
Silverback for everything

From: Nick Muche
Carter RX2

From: ahunter55

ahunter55's embedded Photo
ahunter55's embedded Photo

From: arky
Carter chocolate lite 3 finger for me

From: lv2bohunt
Spot Hogg

From: carcus
carter quickie

From: otcWill
Using a Like Mike that midwest GAVE me. One of many great friends I've got through bowsite.

From: zimmy
I'm with EF Hutton True Ball Max Hunter 3 3 finger thumb trigger Also it won't break the bank

From: Elk4Doc
Train with Silverback and Nock2it thumb trigger. Hunt with Nock2it. Love these releases. Made a big difference in shooting form, especially using the Silverback

From: swampyankee
stan just-x

From: bigdog21
scott silverhorn never have to take my eyes off the animal to hook release on

From: Old School
Scott Mongoose

From: Lever Action
Fingers. Natures best. :D

From: Gator
Nock2it and Silverback - excellent combination.

From: rgb
I've used a Tru Ball Copperhead trigger release, rigged on a Scott buckle wrist strap, since 2005 for both competition and hunting. Have shot many, many thousands of arrows with it and it's like an old friend that never lets me down. I've experimented with other makes and models but always came back to my Copperhead.

From: midwest
"Using a Like Mike that midwest GAVE me. One of many great friends I've got through bowsite."

Just returning the favor buddy!

From: MQ1
Hot shot

From: CurveBow
Scott Mongoose.....

From: KsRancher
I think I am the odd one out here . But I use a Jim Fletcher "Fletchunter"

From: caribou77
Scott mongoose to hunt with. Truball trail boss thumb trigger the rest of the year.

From: TD
Like Mike, trigger in the second knuckle..... using surprise back panic to fire......

From: midwest
"using surprise back panic to fire...... "

LOL....TD, you crack me up!

From: Lark Bunting
Just bought a Trufire hardcore buckle foldback. So far so good but i don't get how people say they can hook up on their D-Loop without looking. I hook the string about 50% of the time instead of the D-Loop.

From: lewis
After shoulder surgery tried the Winns and so far so good gives you a lot more pull power if needed and a nice trigger Lewis

From: 12yards
I have a Scott Shark on my wrist, and another Shark in my fanny as backup in case I drop it or lose it somewhere.

From: Dooner
Scott Wildcat

From: DEC

DEC's embedded Photo
DEC's embedded Photo
Hot Shot X-Spot

From: Cocoon Man
Carter Like Mike

Been using a carter Just B Cuz. Works great for me and also use it for target archery.

From: David A.
"STAR Archery releases I invented. Taken a lot of game with them and have preferred them over glove/tab as they are quieter, feel better, more accurate, and give better arrow flight. Unfortunately they don't work as well as mechanical releases for compound due to the let off." I may have solved this...

I hunt with a TruBall SS. (Wrist strap) But all of my serious 3-D tournament shooting has been done with a hinge for the last 20 years. Currently the Tru-Fire Sear, and the TruBall HBC...

From: antlerman
I just use split fingers. Never been hunting yet without my release.

I work in a cabinet shop. Hope I didn't just screw up by saying that.

From: Ogoki
Scott Longhorn Hex . Really helped my target panic . I hunt with it. Best thing I did for my accuracy, in last 15 years . Unbelievable

From: Will
Fletcher "Flat Head". Wrist strap and it has worked great for me. I really like Fletcher's releases, I think I've used them for probably 25 years at this point - various different releases from them. But the Flat Head has been money for me for about 10-12 years I'd suspect.

From: Glunt@work

Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo

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