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Darton Tempest 3D
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Arrowflinger 21-Jun-18
ahunter55 22-Jun-18
From: Arrowflinger
Have any of you shoot, or have shot a Darton Tempest 3D? I bought a Darton Viper back in the early 90's and hunted with it for 15 years. I still have it but it is worn out! I don't have any Darton dealers close by. Over an hour drive so I haven't shot one yet. Just thought I would get some opinions from some of you folks. I do intend to shoot one though. Darton makes a good bow. Just don't hear much about them. Don't really know why. Those of you who have shot this bow, Opinions please. thanks

From: ahunter55

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No, but I have been a Darton shooter 44 years now. Older Ex Vegas for hunting & Maverick for just 3-D & paper. Darton advertises less than other's but always a super bow and customer service if needed.

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