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I like to have some wool clothing to use during my hunts and when sitting around camp on a cold day or fishing in the fall. The shirt and pullover I have right now are quite aged and as I age they are getting a little tighter if you know what I mean. I am looking for suggestions on manufacturers that aren’t necessarily specific to hunting but rather the ones who just simply make excellent wool garments geared towards comfort and performance in the outdoors (don’t have to be camo). I’m sure some of the high country Wyoming guys have a few ideas since they seem to frequently have a wool top and hat on when on horseback in the mountains.

King of the Mountain is one company that makes excellent wool clothing. Who are some others? Thanks in advance.

From: Matt Quick
Gray Wolf Woolens. I've owned stuff from them and KOM and prefer Gray Wolf.

Grey wolf woolens. Get the lined outfitter line. Warmer and better fitting than KOM, and half the cost (I own both). Now only available in ASAT, but it is a good pattern. Comfy as pajamas.

For lighter and unlined solid and plaids (and much less $$) Theresa Asbel (Hunter image)

For less$$ 80% wool 20% poly camo that is lined, Cabelas just closed out there entire line at abrgain basement prices. Lots available on the auction site

Filson is the go-to for not hunting unlined

From: luckychucky
Might as well get the best...

I have always used Smartwool and have never had any complaints. I've got t-shirts, long sleeves, long johns, gloves, they are all real comfortable. The only piece of clothing I've got from them that I wasn't a big fan of was their boxer briefs, they tend to ride up pretty high and are quite wedgie inducing. I like their solid colors too

From: Yellowjacket
2nd on Smartwool

I like Minus 33 also

From: bigdog21
check out asbell wool and I like -33 base layer

From: Bowboy
Minus 33

From: Killinstuff
The Asbell stuff is a screen door in the wind and no stretch to them. If you're closing in on bubba size you'll have a difficult time getting the damn thing off. I should sell mine cause I never wear it. Plus the sleeves are short.

Stormy Kromer has a really nice pull over I wear all the time. If it gets real cold I add a vest. It's not 100% wool but mostly wool. No shrink and no stink.

From: fisherick
Woolrich, Pendelton, Smartwool, LL Bean, Asbell, Minus-33, Core4, Sitka, Cabelas. On cold N.E. hunts, I often wear Core4 merino wool long johns, and 1/4 zip merino top, with a Pendelton shirt, Asbell wool hooded pullover, Cabelas Wooltimate pants, vest or jacket, with a Stomy Kromer hat, Kuki merino wool neck gaiter, Ice Breaker merino wool liner gloves with 1/2 finger army wool gloves or wool mittens. I wear layers and adjust depending on conditions. This combo has allowed me to hunt in windy, below zero conditions. YMMV.

From: Boreal
Filson. I have waterfowl sweater that's over 20 years old that i wear all winter. Also a double Mackinaw cruiser that I wear when it's below 10 degrees.

From: ACB
Lot of good wool out there . KOM, Smart wool , Asbell, first light , military surplus, Cabelas , Columbia, Ullfrotte and weather wool are a few I own . I have found that very often you get what you pay for in wool garments. For all my base layers I always wear some type of merino wool . Ullfrotte and smart wool and first lite being my favorite base layers . My Kom, Columbia and weather wool are my favorite outer layers . I have never own any Grey Wolf woolens , but I am sure they make a great product. You will want a Anorak for a outer layer in really cold weather and weather wool makes a dandy .

From: Nick Muche
The wool hoodies from Knitting Tree are incredible! Comfy as can be.

Sounds like I have several to choose between.

I think another difficult part will be choosing one and then trying to order the right size online. Nothing I ever order fits right. It seems there is such a large variance between manufacturers.

From: ACB
There is a large variance in manufactures . On a cost note I paid 10 dollars a pair for the Korean War era military surplus wool paints 30 plus years ago and they are great . Still going strong. Warn tough if you can find some they can be a cheap alternative to the more expensive products .

From: OkieJ
There is a Swanndri brush shirt in the classifies now on LW now.

From: bigdog21
Cabela's wool mate

From: Pyrannah
One nice thing with gww is the make it based on your measurements. Might want to check them out, haven’t bought any for awhile but it is really nice wool..

Good luck

From: BowmanMD
I ordered mine from Silent Predator and Sleeping Indian. Silent Predator was custom made to my measurements and specifications. They both seem really nice and are high quality. I bought them for a Yukon moose hunt in the fall, mostly for the ‘warm when wet’ aspect and the super quietness of wool. So far I’ve only used them once earlier this spring on a Wisconsin ‘spring’ turkey hunt (18 inches of snow!). Definitely warm but the two negatives I found were they are very heavy to pack and wear, and they stink when wet.

From: Shawn
I have tried many of the ones mentioned and I like Cabelas Wooltimate best. You may still find some on there website. Shawn

From: caribou77
dayone has a wool line as well.

I’ve got a KOM Mukeskinner vest and a custom tailored Grey Wolf insulated jacket. Both are great, unless you’re backpacking or caught in a rain. New synthetics are way better in either of those scenarios.

I’ve also got a Filson wool cap and some old military wool stuff. It’s all nice too.

I still only like it on clear days and if I’m not traveling far on foot.

Wool is super heavy and does stink when wet. Yeah, it’ll keep you warm still, but there’s better stuff out there for those circumstances.

From: Royboy
I use Winter silks thermal long johns,ultra thin and warmer than expected. I use them bow hunting on cold mornings and whenever I’m skiing. Come in tall sizes and no itch,think silk

From: Hiker
I get my wool stuff from Military surplus and thrift stores. I have picked up some wool sweaters for $3 and $5

From: lewis
Check out woolpower used to be ulfrotte great stuff have some 25 plus yrs.old Lewis

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