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stupid question
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From: Pyrannah
im full of these this year, but if you don't ask, ya still don't know...

So, what are some of the ways y'all are crossing creeks and streams? There appears to be a rather large looking stream where i'm headed and not sure best way to cross.. Take waders? Seems like a PIA.. take boots off and walk across? Not sure how to tell depth from GE but there may be a few shallower spots..

any thoughts are welcome, even comments ;)


From: Bou'bound

From: Dirtman
Daily crossing? Once on the way in for a week?

From: Pyrannah
More so in and out once a day,

Wiggies? To google I go!

From: LKH
Several of my Kodiak trips involved crossing small rivers that came up to my crotch. We always brought waders so I simply crossed, changed to boots and left the waders until my return. It depends on how far from camp the crossing is.

If you decide to strip down, take a small pair of shoes or something else. It's really easy to hurt yourself crossing rocky bottom streams and the muddy ones can have sharp sticks.

From: Mossyhorn
We take crocs. They’re cheap and weigh nothing. They also grip rocks pretty good. So I take off boots, and pants, If it’s really deep. Then I dry off and leave my crocs there for when I come back.

From: Don K
X2, keep a set of Wiggys waders along

From: keepemsharp
If the trees are big enough string up a rope and play Tarzan.

From: Ron Niziolek
Wiggies or crocs. Both good options.

From: mrelite
If the creek is below my knees I just use my gaiters and a small cinch strap above my ankles at the top of the boot (and of course over the gaiters), cinch it down, walk across and your done, if there is any leakage it will be minimal.

From: Shaft
I carried a light weight pair of shower shoes when I knew I would have to cross a bigger stream. They worked, but be careful those rocks are slimy and slippery, and that water will freeze your feet in a hurry.

From: Franklin
Now....I would go with the Wiggy`s. Long ago I used these cheap vinyl waders and water/beach shoes. The foot area are more like socks than waders. I did this in Alaska as there was only a few streams I had to cross and didn`t want to hunt in waders the whole time. Carried them right in my pack.

From: Z Barebow

If I only have one crossing, I stash them to use on return trip.

From: Gator
LKH x 2 Each day on Kodiak had to cross the same river several times from camp and back. Not as interesting as hunting bear but sometime almost. Waders were the way to go in this case.

From: cnelk
I made my own, just for stream crossings in elk country

From: Ucsdryder
I wear gaiters during hunting season. Go fast and you’ll stay dry.

From: splitlimb13
Mrelite is right. Idk where you're headed but just find some rocks that go across, put some good gortex boots on with gaters and hopscotch across.

From: trophyhill
My Miendls do just fine crossing. Choose your crossing locations wisely ;)

From: TD
Ahhhhh..... the elk are always greener on the other side.......

From: LKH
Hopping across rocks may be one of the more dangerous things you can do. I've done it buy you'd be surprised at how slippery the top of a washed rock can be. I never extend much when doing so.

From: greg simon
Cnelk, how did you make those Tyvek waders. That looks like it would work great. I see how you put duct tape on the sole area but how did you seal the seams on the boot?

Not a stupid question at all. If it's a regular, daily planned crossing, waders are the way to go and you just stash them and mark them with a GPS. I have a public land WT spot I do the same thing.

For unexpected crossings, it depends. I prefer a log or rock hopping if it's small enough. If it's mid-calf or shallower, if you have good gaiters, you can make it across quickly without getting any water to your socks. Other than that, it's water socks/cheap foam flip flops, or bare feet.

From: cnelk
I used contact cement for the seams

From: Pyrannah
Thanks for all the great replies! The tyvek seem to be the most cost effective! Good job man!

I don’t think I wanna be carrying rubber fishing waders but crocs might be ok too...


From: Ambush
Garbage bags and panty hose.

But I'd say cnelk has the win! There's going to be a pair of those in my pack for the caribou swamps come September.

On another note if you are crossing larger/ deeper water than waders can handle I would bring a pack raft/ inflatable kayak. Can also help in transporting meat/gear

From: Native Okie
cnelk is the elk hunting version of Macgyver.

From: Jims
If it's deep I'd bring stocking waders without the boots (if you have to pack them far). Deeper, faster water I would definitely use a pair of trekking poles so you don't slip and end up down river or knock your head on a rock! If shallow, I take my boots and socks off and cross.

From: SBH
Cnelk- You my friend are a badass. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

From: joehunter

joehunter's embedded Photo
joehunter's embedded Photo
I always have hip boots in the truck.

I tried making my own also, worked so so..... I have a new spot to hunt in the big woods, and to get around the area, have to cross deep trout stream. Do not want to leave any trace, that I am using this way for my entry way. So no logs, or planks or anything like that....

Hodgman has packable chest waders, one size fits all, for 15.00 thru Cabelas, ordering some this pm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they will fit in my day pack...............

I like to hunt like a ghost,,,,,,,,,,,, this will be for whitetails,,,,,,,,

From: JakeBrake
Wally World sells throw away waders in the fishing section...I think Hodgeman makes $15

From: SoDakSooner
Trekking poles really help when wading as well. Helped immensely last year. Had one spot we crossed fairly often.

What is this “creek” thing that you guys speak of?? Hmmmm

From: cnelk
That’s the water we use before we send it downstream to AZ :)

From: Kurt
You can use your Sno-sealed (or whatever brand of boot "grease" you like) hiking boots with your good rain pants (KUIU Chugach & Helly Hansen Impertech for me). Just use shoe laces, parachute cord, or better yet, wide Velcro straps to wrap the rain pants as tight as possible over your boots. I've crossed some decent streams in them and stayed dry....wouldn't want to spend extended time in the water cutting up a moose or caribou or fishing, but to cross a stream it works fine. And all I've added to the pack is the cord or velcro closers. Good luck on your hunt!

From: Tjw
pole vaulting is a lost art

"That’s the water we use before we send it downstream to AZ :)"


From: Pyrannah
Kurt! You do not get any water in your socks from that method? The Velcro gets everything right enough?

From: GotBowAz
IdyllwildArcher "That’s the water we use before we send it downstream to AZ :)" Hey, that's not funny! Ok, maybe it's funny a little. LOL

I used rain pants with my Orvis gravel guards wrapped tight around the exterior of pants, over my boots, one upon a time. It worked. Gravel guards were $30 and very light/packable.

From: Hh76
cheap, packable waders for me. I don't want to take my boots off, so I got a pair that go over pretty easily, similar to cnelk's. They suck in mud, but better than a wet foot.

For years, I used the rock hopping method, but it failed, and I ended up soaked to my waist on a 15f morning. Never again.

From: APauls
Plus the Tyvek ones can double as game bags :)

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