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Book Cliff South
Mule Deer
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bighorn 22-Jun-18
Charlie Rehor 22-Jun-18
Moben 22-Jun-18
ben h 23-Jun-18
LKH 23-Jun-18
buzz mc 23-Jun-18
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Tjw 23-Jun-18
bighorn 24-Jun-18
wkochevar 24-Jun-18
From: bighorn
My son drew a limited entry Mule deer tag to Book Cliff South any info on this area would be gratefully appreciated.Where to go or what to expect.

That’s terrific! Utah tags are hard to get. Good luck!

From: Moben
Check with Shaft on the Utah page. He drew a hunt there and has been successful in the past.

From: ben h
If it's anything like the north Book Cliffs, bring an extra spare tire, extra gas, and a spare cooler full of ice. It's a long way from any services.

From: LKH
Never been there, but plugs and a tire pump sound like essentials.

From: buzz mc
I'm not hunting anywhere that but plugs are an essential. ;)

What are the dates? Books are known for a good number of deer but few monsters. I wouldn’t pass on a 170” buck unless you are willing to go home empty. Lots of dirt roads, be careful of mud. Glass all the draws and fingers. Call in a coyote. I have had two flats and a blown radiator out there, so be prepared

From: Tjw
up there the last couple of years. more mule deer than u can believe. crazy fun bow hunt. peace Tjw

From: bighorn
The dates are Oct. 20-28.

From: wkochevar
Buzz I'm thinking he's confusing it with San Francisco.....

Hunted those mountains as a kid with my dad but dont know much about them these days other than whats already been mentioned. Very rough country and a long ways from anywhere....very nice deer there least then.

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