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Black fletching ?..
Mountain Goat
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Bou'bound 23-Jun-18
otcWill 23-Jun-18
HDE 23-Jun-18
Lever Action 23-Jun-18
Bigpizzaman 23-Jun-18
huntinelk 23-Jun-18
caribou77 23-Jun-18
Bowboy 23-Jun-18
DEMO-Bowhunter 25-Jun-18
Mark Watkins 25-Jun-18
From: Bou'bound
Has anyone here opted for black fletching when goat or dall sheep hunting to contrast with the animals body color and allow for better visibility on the flight of arrow and the hit

From: otcWill
That's a terrible idea if you want to see your arrow.

From: HDE
Hot pink or flo yellow is the route I'd take.

From: Lever Action
I use black feathers for the same reason. Works for me. Lighted nocks work too.

From: Bigpizzaman
Red has been my go-to color for white animals, I normally shoot white.

From: huntinelk
Very limited experience, one dall , one goat, four fletch orange has worked well for me.

From: caribou77
I shoot black fletch all the time for practice. I do it so I can not pic out my arrow in flight or on target and then aim for it. So I would say even with a white target, it pry would not help. My go to for hunting is 4 fletch pink with lighted nocks. Can t miss those things.

From: Bowboy
Why change? I use the same color for all animals. One white and two green. IMO it doesn't make that much of a difference.

I went with flo orange.

From: Mark Watkins

Good question....I opted to go Flo orange and it has worked out very well.


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