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Arrow selection- Kinetic KAOS vs Red SD
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goldy2416 24-Jun-18
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goldy2416 11-Jul-18
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From: goldy2416
I want to switch to a heavier, smaller diameter shaft and have been experimenting with some Gold Tip Kinetic KAOS and Carbon Express Red SD arrows. Both arrows are about 28", fletched with 2" Blazer Vanes, and have a total arrow weight of 450 grains using a 100-grain broadhead. Both arrows have been shooting accurately and are doing fine with broadheads (Slick Trick Magnum 100 grain).

The only differences I can tell with these arrows are that the Red SD have a FOC of 12% and the KAOS is 10%. This does not seem to be an issue in how they fly. The KAOS nock is smaller- it is more like a pin nock and is harder to take on and off when I have to repair a vane, but they seem to work ok.

Does anyone have any experience hunting with these arrows? Any comments pro or con either of them?

I hunt with the Kaos. Only difference for me is, right away, I removed the factory nock/bushing and replaced it with a Easton X nock which is lighter, thus increasing FOC.. next I added 20 grains to the back of the insert.. with 100 grain heads my total weight is 466. I also don't use that gold thing on the tip that is supposed to go over insert. But using that would also increase FOC, I believe its like 10 grains. The arrow has worked well for me..

CX Maxima Red SD's for me. I used the CX Piledriver, Pass Thru Extremes before CX made the SD's. Loved those PTX's but the SD's have been better at longer ranges!

From: Ucsdryder
I could never figure out carbon express spines with their weird system. I never put much effort into it, but take a look at the 5mm axis (pro grade) as well. I can’t believe how well they shoot. My 100 yard groups look like my 60 yard groups compared to my old .006 gold tip arrows. Yes, it’s that noticeable.

From: sticksender
I've been shooting and hunting with the Kaos 300's for the past 3 seasons. Biggest advantage I've seen over my previous shafts (Axis) is no radial spine variation (i.e. no flyers, never needed to index nocks).

From: goldy2416
After several weeks of testing, I decided to go with the Gold Tip Kinetic KAOS arrows. Both arrows did well with field points out to 60 yards and with broadheads (Slick Trick) out to 40 yards- neither had an edge on accuracy from my bow. I would feel confident hunting with either arrow. The decision was based on practicality- I have over 2 dozen of the Gold Tips and only 6 of the Red SDs.

From: splitlimb13
Do these produce more energy than the fmj ?

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