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2012 Obsession Addiction #1 Mods
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Kaartwheel 24-Jun-18
bear bowman 29-Jun-18
Bowriter 29-Jun-18
Don K 01-Jul-18
From: Kaartwheel
Hello. I own a 2012 Obsession Addiction that is too short for me. I need the #1 mods for it. Does anyone have any or know where I can get them? I've already contacted Obsession and they don't have any. Thank you.

From: bear bowman
Try contacting this place. I can't say that they'll have them but they have been an obsession dealer for awhile and you may get lucky. They're closed today but will be open tomorrow. Good luck.

From: Bowriter
You'll never believe what I thought this thread was about. I figured it was either about posting regarding Rompola or crossbows in excess.

From: Don K
There's a group on Facebook called "obsession bows brotherhood (obb)" Join that group, leave a message and Im sure someone will have what your looking for.

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