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2012 Obsession Addiction #1 Mods
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Kaartwheel 24-Jun-18
bear bowman 29-Jun-18
Bowriter 29-Jun-18
Don K 01-Jul-18
From: Kaartwheel
Hello. I own a 2012 Obsession Addiction that is too short for me. I need the #1 mods for it. Does anyone have any or know where I can get them? I've already contacted Obsession and they don't have any. Thank you.

From: bear bowman
Try contacting this place. I can't say that they'll have them but they have been an obsession dealer for awhile and you may get lucky. They're closed today but will be open tomorrow. Good luck. www.xtremearchery.net

From: Bowriter
You'll never believe what I thought this thread was about. I figured it was either about posting regarding Rompola or crossbows in excess.

From: Don K
There's a group on Facebook called "obsession bows brotherhood (obb)" Join that group, leave a message and Im sure someone will have what your looking for.

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