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From: 'Ike'
So in my search for early Whitetail hunts after my rejection in all the draws...I came across several on EBay of all places! Really...Of course you'd have to background the outfitters, but I was surprised at the number actually!

Anyone ever done this? Curious!

I have bought a bunch of ebay hunts over the years and my experiences have run the gamut, good, bar, and ugly. Buyer beware, do your homework, and you might even make life long friends.

I bought a turkey hunt on EBay in SD nad have been going back for at least 15 years. I liked in so much I bought a farm nearby.

Most of my experiences have been very good. I did have a guy take a deposit and disappear in WA.

Good luck.

Wow, interesting...Was surprised on how many are in there...

From: JL
Craigslist has them too. Just look at the area you're interested in.

From: txhunter58
What sought after outfitter advertises in either place? Buyer beware for sure!

From: Buffalo1
Read the small print of what the bid covers. Not always the hunt, just a daily rate, etc.

I bought one hunt through eBay and it was a positive experience.

From: JTreeman
I’ve browsed them a few times as well, but never bought one. I kinda have the same attitude as some above, if they are really a decent outfitter why do they need to try to sell their hunts on eBay or Craig’s list? I’m sure there are good ones, but in my opinion there are better ways to find the good ones.


Let me offer a different perspective.

1. I bought a two day duck and goose hunt in OH. It was 5 retired old men that sell 2 hunts a year to pay for their shells. It was a heated blind, they cooked brats on a grill in the blind, and broke each other’s stones like the movie grumpy old men the whole time. Oh, by the way we got out limit in both ducks and goose each day. It was wonderful.

2. I bought a brown bear hunt in AK with a guide that was just starting out. We hunted over a salmon stream and it again was wonderful and a great price.

3. I bought a bison hunt in the Crow Indian reservation in Montana. It was listed on Sunday, the auction ended Tuesday and you had to be there Thursday. You could shoot any bison and keep 50 pounds of meat. They wanted the rest of the meat for a Veteran's Day Powow. I like it so much I bought the same hunt 3 more times on EBay. I paid between $1200 and $1500 each time.

4. I bought an elk hunt in Washington and the guy simply disappeared. I never heard from him again and could not find him.

5. I bought a javelina hunt in TX for 2 days and took a buddy. Again, I met some nice people, it was on their private lease and had a great time.

I have had very good luck over the years and I would guess I have bought 15 hunts or so on EBay. I usually buy “buddy hunts”. They are not usually professional guides or outfitters but a landowner that is guiding you himself. I either end up staying at their home, tent, or a local motel.

I have also bought hunts with reputable outfitters that someone purchased at a fundraiser and is now selling it for some reason and had very good outcomes.

Please do not buy any of them, it keeps the price down for me.

Good luck.

From: Neubauer
My first guided hunt was bought on eBay. It was an elk hunt in Colorado and it was a blast. We were into elk everyday but being from the east coast and not in a tree, I had no idea what I was doing! Lol. I also purchased a goose hunt and it was ok for the money.

From: Thornton
I used to sell hunts on ebay. Some of the hunters that showed up were very dishonest.

From: ohiohunter
Dishonest in what manner?

From: Pyrannah
I try not to do guided hunts any more and would be very skeptical on eBay.. but maybe I’m just too paranoid sounds like some good experiences here

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