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Kuiu Teton Rain Gear
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Panther Bone 27-Jun-18
Treeline 27-Jun-18
nmwapiti 27-Jun-18
Brotsky 27-Jun-18
geoffp 27-Jun-18
JTreeman 27-Jun-18
Scar Finga 27-Jun-18
Bou'bound 28-Jun-18
greg simon 28-Jun-18
dakotaduner 28-Jun-18
JTreeman 28-Jun-18
Anybody used there Teton rain gear? I'm thinking about buying the rain pants.


From: Treeline
Looks like they are on a great sale. I have the Chugatch after some cheap stuff shredded on a 12-day horseback trip. It has not let me down.

From: nmwapiti
I have all the other sets, but not the Teton...

From: Brotsky
I have the Teton set. It is fine for an afternoon shower in elk country but that is about it. I feel like it would shred under any serious use. If it's priced right and you only need it for passing showers then go for it, otherwise I would save up for the Chugach.

From: geoffp
I have it and agree with Brotsky. Great for keeping a lightweight packable set with you, but for anything beyond that, would definitely not be my choice. It is very thin. Essentially it has a purpose and serves it IMO.

From: JTreeman
I agree with the previous 2 posts. I have every set of rain gear Kuiu makes. I would rate the Teton as a half step above Cabelas space rain (which I also own). The Teton packs small and light and is great for September in the lower 48 mountains, but I would not want to count on it for a trip where I was expecting significant rain.

Nice enough stuff, but not made for the hard core daily use. Use it as it’s intended and it will serve you well.


From: Scar Finga
So for Sitka Alaska, I am thinking the Chugatch, for a November deer hunt, would this be a good choice? Sorry, don't mean to hijack the post!


From: Bou'bound
just buy Yukon and be done with it.

From: greg simon
Yukon is definitely the most durable but it is also heavy and bulky compared to others.

From: dakotaduner
I have both the top and bottom. They have served me well hunting and fishing. But I would suspect if I was bush whacking through tough stuff they would not be the right choice as others have said. All depends on your needs.

From: JTreeman
I would disagree with bou, if you are only gonna buy one buy the Chugach. I use my Yukon the least of the bunch. If i was buying 1)Chugach 2)Teton 3)Yukon, in that order. But also as stated above, it ALL depends on what you are planning to use it for.


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