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Fletch pods?
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From: uteangler
Anyone used the fletch pods? I am looking for a way to protect my vanes....not while hunting, but for transporting/hiking to the backcountry. I've never worried about it much but thought I'd take a little extra care this year.

What does everyone use to protect their vanes? Do you use anything at all?


From: JTreeman
Never heard of such a thing, I had to google it. Is this really a problem? Seems kinda like all these pharmaceuticals I see advertised on TV, gotta make up a problem to sell the cure for!


From: caribou77
Wow people will sell anything! No you do not need them, EVER. The vanes are probably tougher than the case that protects them.

From: midwest
Get some good vanes like Flex Fletch and you won't have to worry about it.


From: axle2axle

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Hey uteangler, one way you can keep the vanes on extra arrows you plan to bring along on a backpacking type hunt, is to take a plastic lid from a small yogurt container and punch some holes in the plastic roughly the size of your arrows. Then slide the arrows into these punched holes and place a rubber band around the "insert end" of the arrow shafts before putting them into you pack. By tying the insert ends of the shafts together with the rubber band, the nock/fletched ends of the arrows will be spread apart so they cannot touch each other during your hike in. Works pretty well and doesn't cost anything. Hope this helps. Kevin

From: uteangler
Thank you axle2axle. That's very cool man!

From: TD
Fletch pods???? Oh maaannn..... are the kids eating those too???

From: Dale06
I shoot feqthers most of the time. On three trips to Africa I used fletch pods to protect my feather fletching while in my hard bow case. They worked just fine.

From: uteangler
Thanks Dale. I appreciate the info.

From: smarba
quick that thing!!!! LOL

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