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David A. 28-Jun-18
Thornton 02-Jul-18
DMTJAGER 19-Jul-18
Franklin 19-Jul-18
1boonr 20-Jul-18
From: David A.
Null - wanted t delete the topic after I found too many bad reviews...

From: Thornton
Most deer hunting factories are shooting smaller bucks every year.

Checked out their add. For lack of a better description and just MY OPINION, but their add reminded me more of how a car dealership tries to sell vehicles than a reputable outfitter sells hunts. They stuck a alarming similarity of all the out of state outfitting groups that have over run Illinois that have capitalized Illinois once great deer heard and exploited those hunters with more money than deer hunting knowledge. Again just MY opinion.

From: Franklin
Hunted with these clowns years ago....actually left with 3 days left in my hunt because if I stayed I would of killed somebody.

From: 1boonr
You would always be better off to find an Illinois resident that is a decent hunter and pay him to let you hunt with him for a week.

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