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AZ CC's being hit
Mule Deer
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Chuckster 29-Jun-18
bowhunter1 29-Jun-18
wildwilderness 29-Jun-18
Treeline 29-Jun-18
Ned mobile 29-Jun-18
Zim1 29-Jun-18
BULELK1 02-Jul-18
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From: Chuckster
Well, its started. My granddaughter is going to Kaibab for the doe hunt. Good luck to all.

From: bowhunter1
yes , i drew a kaibab , this is 2 years in row ,,,WOW , i finally drew in a random draw.last year i had 5 points. Tom

Nothing yet, but it would be a random tag for the strip....

From: Treeline
Nothing showing on mine yet.

Not expecting to draw that sheep tag, but getting up in the points realm...

I drew a sheep tag last year with less than max points. It an be done. Good luck everybody!

From: Zim1
I was also hoping for a kaibab in the random, but no dice so far. Drew with just the 2 permanent points last year. I guess a 1 in 3 chance.

This has been a very slow thread--------->

Maybe more activity today??

I am still hopeful

Good luck, Robb

From: BobH92057
Yea I'm still hopeful for the 'Bab tag....

Looks like I'm headed back for the 2nd year in a row as well....wasn't expecting that!

From: Dikndirt
Dang, looks like another expensive point again for me. Put in with 5 points for a kybab archery tag and no hit on my card! good luck to you who drew my tag!

From: Bigdan
Nothing pending in az for me and my Wyoming bonus point charge is showing that I did on the 2nd

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