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Cutthroat Broadheads
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Bushwacker 29-Jun-18
Treeline 29-Jun-18
Nick Muche 30-Jun-18
From: Bushwacker
Just got back from Namibia. I opted to go with a heavy arrow setup for my 17 year old daughter and I'm glad that I did. She was shooting GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 320 shafts. I wanted a solid steel broadhead and opted to go with the Cutthroat, single bevel, 200 grain broadhead. Her total arrow weight: 580 grains with 24% FOC.

Both the arrows and the broadheads worked as advertised. The heavy arrow and high FOC, combined with the single bevel head were devastating. Full story in the Africa forum, but I wanted to brag on the Cutthroat broad heads as she had complete pass throughs on three of her four animals.

Great broadheads, highly recommend. Same with the GrizzlyStik arrows. Expensive, YES, but for a trip such as this, worth every penny.

From: Treeline
They are pretty awesome! I have every size from 150 to 250 screw in and both sizes of glue on. That 190 with a 125 gr steel insert is for T-Rex’s:)

From: Nick Muche

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Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Yep, they work well!

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