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Boot weight
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Bou'bound 30-Jun-18
wyobullshooter 30-Jun-18
oldgoat 30-Jun-18
Jims 30-Jun-18
carcus 30-Jun-18
From: Bou'bound
How big a deal do you feel boot weight. is relative to other features and characteristics to consider

It’s the last thing I consider. That said, light weight is a by-product of the other features and characteristics I do consider.

From: oldgoat
A lot depends on application, for me personally, I'm more concerned about fit and support, with some luck the boot comes out in the middle of the weight spectrum at a maximum.

From: Jims
As mentioned above a lot depends upon the what type and season of hunt. If hunting out of a blind and not doing much hiking it may not matter. If you are hiking 10 miles a day on level ground 1 boot may work but there may another option for super steep terrain or winter conditions. I have several quality boots to choose from...and each is a little different. My preference for all seasons and conditions is mid weight hikers with decent support while hunting steep, rocky terrain while still relatively light for covering gobs of country. I usually grab a different boot for hunting mid winter in deep snow and super cold.

There's nothing better than a comfortable pair of boots that fit like a glove. Padded insoles plus padded bottomed socks also are important for comfort. Everyone's feet and ankles are a bit different. Generally speaking it's a lot tougher to stalk game with super stiff, heavy, and thick soled boots. The lighter the boot with the thinnest soles will likely be the easiest and lightest for stalking game to close range. Indians wore mocassins and were mighty stealthy...however, I wouldn't suggest them in deep snow in the winter!

From: carcus
I hate heavy boots, my meindl's are pretty heavy they are fatiguing!

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