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Newfoundland moose recommendations
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MichaelArnette 02-Jul-18
Bou'bound 02-Jul-18
PAstringking 04-Jul-18
newfi1946moose 05-Jul-18
Trial153 05-Jul-18
Mathewshootrphone 05-Jul-18
Aubs8 05-Jul-18
Xraydave 05-Jul-18
newfi1946moose 06-Jul-18
Looking to book Newfoundland moves in 2019 any recommendations?

From: Bou'bound
5 hunts with dean macdonald at moose valley outfitters. You need to at least call him. could very well be booked for 19 though. will send you more info via PM

From: PAstringking
Pretty sure Dean is booked. But great area for hunting moose. Only thing to keep in mind is your hunting the reserve and all hunting is done via boat and boot leather. No motorized vehicles to help. So depending on your physical ability Keep that in mind.

Our group has hunted NL seven times and went with Conne River Outfitters in the fall of 2017. Had an excellent trip. If you bow hunt, they have a very reasonable fly-in camp; same for rifle but different camp. We went to the drive-in camp. Re-booked for 2019. May well be fully booked for 2019 as our guides told us they were nearly fully booked for 2019 when we were there last fall. Will send you a PM about some other thoughts.

From: Trial153
Another vote for MVO. Dean runs a great camp. The fact that its only boats and boot leather is plus in my book. I am booked up again for next fall taking my father back with me and i also have a woody tag.

DADG outfitters I shot my woodland with them seen some very nice moose 45" to 50 " and hes a bowhunter

From: Aubs8
Only been with Dean and MVO (2x's)....when I go back, will go with them again.


From: Xraydave
I'm going this fall. Leaving Oklahoma on October 5th. First moose hunt and counting the days.

Xray... I live in Castle, OK. Moved here from NNY 8 years ago. Our group hunted last fall the week of Oct. 8th. Bulls were a bit warm. Shoot me a pm if this your first fall will be my 9th trip. Great hunting and people/good luck. Ken

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