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From: Bushwacker
I just saw the ad here on the website for the Garmin Bow Sight. Looks pretty cool, but a grand for a bow sight! That's $1000 for a bow sight.....I'm sure someone will buy one...

From: Rut Nut
The cheaper model is $799...............................................but way more than I have in my Bow+accessories+arrows! ;-) Don't think I could ever justify that kind of money just for a sight!

Well 700 is about the cost of a decent range finder and a good site all together. This will change bowhunting for sure

From: Paul@thefort
Not legal in some states during a bow hunting season. Colorado is an example of that.

From: Pyrannah
I like simple stuff... my gear is too complicated as it is...

That’s a lot of money but there must be a demand for it though

From: Bou'bound
not sure that you can say the cost of sight and rangefinder is about that price so there will be a market. the ranging function on the site is one dimensional and fixed and the functionality of a separate unit is highly portable and unlimited.

From: kscowboy
Guy spends 15+ years applying for a tag, $500 on the tag, $7,000 on an outfitter, $3,000 on miscellaneous clothing and gear, it’s not that much more expensive to make the leap and grab this sight that he believes will enhance his odds of success. I bet they do well where they are legal.

From: kscowboy
Just saw an ad for Burris having a similar archery sight.

From: splitlimb13
There has been quite a few posts on this sight already. I had ordered it when it first hit the market ,until I found out the warranty.

From: Dale06
The cost of a hunt does not drive me to spend like crazy for the latest and greatest. Just finished a brown bear hunt (successful) and have a grizz hunt in August. Both pretty expensive. I would not think of spending a grand on a sight, even with a built in laser rangefinder and dot to put on target. My 10 year old Leica RF and sub $100 trophy ridge three pin work just fine. And that Leica gets used rifle hunting and for land measurement. Not ragging on the guys that see value here, but I don’t.

From: Lever Action
I think it is cool as can be but... I also think (to myself) at what point does it get to a point of where you start tying the animal to a fence post before shooting it and still are calling it a hunt. Back when I shot a rifle, I never did claim to "go hunting" because I wasn't hunting, I was bagging game. I took up a bow in order to hunt. This stuff is just over the top for me. I could buy a great rifle for less than a thousand and I wouldn't need to know the range, in the area's I hunt anymore.

From: Tracker
I shot a guys bow with this sight this past week. It's cool and works pretty well but it sure is not a game changer. It is noting more than what most use today. A range finder and a pin sight. Nothing more.

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