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Judge Dana Christensen-WY Grizzly case
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From: Bowfreak
I have read just a little about the upcoming case where a Montana based federal judge will determine in late August the fate of the Wyoming and Idaho grizzly seasons. Does anyone know anything about this guy? I know enough to be concerned. He was born in NYC and was appointed to the bench by Obama.

Just curious where you all think this stands?

I am hoping at least Big Fin can chime in as I suspect he has as much solid information as anyone.

From: Dirk Diggler
I think you posted all the information necessary. I'd bet the hunts in jeopardy, but all I know is what you posted above.

From: TD
Cases such as this, normally the groups filing suit Judge shop to find the best fit (most sympathetic) for their case. Just offhand I would guess that was done here as well.

We shall see, you never know...... but I wouldn't hold my breath.....

That name rings a bell, not in a good way.

From: JTV
NYC and appointed by Obama is all I need to know ... it wont be good for hunters and wildlife management ..

This is so frustrating...


wildwilderness's Link
Found a ruling where the judge overturned delisting grizzlies last year. Pretty obvious his bias. Ridiculous how they ignore science and protect wolves and bears that are considered vermin in other areas, while legitimate endangered species aren’t protected.

Yup. The season is not going to happen. You can count on it. These guys knew exactly how to get a temporary injunction against the season and it's as good as dead till it gets to a higher court and out of this guy's hands.

From: Bowfreak
I am curious how the majority opinion in travel an case will apply in the future. Not only did it state that the President was well within in his power to implement this ban but these little federal judges in remote parts of the country don't have the power to stop things like this in the Federal level. I know this doesn't directly apply in this instance but it could be the first step in wiping out the practice of judge shopping.

From: SmokedTrout
One thing I can say is I'm glad it's not Malloy. Unfortunately he's good friends with Malloy.

Trying to look up court case history on these judges is difficult. From what I can find he is very used to dealing with groups like Alliance for Wild Rockies, Sierra Club, Friends of the Swan, While he doesn't always seem to be in their pocket, those lawyers sure know how to play the game. And I think he plays right along.

It will probably take congressional action similar to what got us a wolf season before anyone can hunt grizzlies in the lower 48.

From: Mule Power
If he’s friends with Malloy FORGET IT! Science means nothing.

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