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Creaky draw on new bow
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PapaSmurf 03-Jul-18
White Falcon 03-Jul-18
Paul@thefort 03-Jul-18
sticksender 03-Jul-18
zeke 04-Jul-18
greenmountain 04-Jul-18
W8N4RUT 04-Jul-18
Dafish 18-Jul-18
From: PapaSmurf
I have a brand new Diamond Deploy, and it has a horrible creak every time I draw it back. This is one of the Carbon bows, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

I bought it online, so wasn’t able to draw it before buying. Any thoughts?

From: White Falcon
Put a drop oil down each limb pocket and a little in the cam pivot points. NOT A LOT, a drop or less.

From: Paul@thefort
or it might be a cracked limb.

From: sticksender
Take the cable guard slider off and try drawing it.

From: zeke
I have a Hoyt Alfa Max, years ago when I first got the bow a creak developed on the draw. The dealer diagnosed the problem as a dry limb pocket. After completely taking the bow apart and lubing every moving part the creak was still there. It turned out to be the sight. A piece of moleskin under the sight and the creak went away never to return.

I use never seez brand anti seize on my limb pockets . I have had three bows over the years with the creak. The lube fixed all of them. A drop of light gun oil every year on the axles is a good idea too.

From: W8N4RUT
I had a creak develop in my Mathew’s helium. Replaced the limb bolts and all was good.


From: Dafish
Use Rock and Roll Gold bicycle chain lube instead of oil. It will last longer, not smell and not run all over. Use it on your door hinges one time and the door will work real smooth and not squeak for years. I use it to lube just about everything instead of oil or wd40

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