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Moose Arrow Choice
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From: bbates

Heading up to BC here in a few months and need to make a decision.

I will be hunting both moose and bison with my Bow.

I will take 2 bows with me

70lb Rx-1

78lb Custom Shop CArbon Defiant

I’ve got 3 arrow builds that I’ve been playing with

1. Easton Axis 260 125g iron will. 550g total grains

This arrow shoots great out of both bows. 273 FPS out of CD 256 FPS out of Rx-1

Do I just run that or

Take one of these for my Rx-1

Victory Rip Tko 50g brAss hit Vpa collar 125 iron will 485g

Or go Valkyrie 300 size 175g head Only 450g.

I tried the heavier 250 size Valkyrie and 200g head and it didn’t fly great out of the rx-1

Just looking for advice my first moose or bison hunt.

Don’t want to get Foc’d up. Just want the best most durable set up with the best components.

Happy 4th!!

From: BullBuster
Go with the 550s. Big target. Mine are 530 gr

Just watched Mike Carney, blow thru a 5 brow tine brute, at 30 yards with 460 grains in fusion and a muzzy head, bull down fast,,,,, full pass thru,,,,,, BOWHUNTER TV

From: Stekewood
I would just stick with the 550gr. arrow that shoots great out of both bows.

From: APauls
Just stick with option one that’s a great setup. I’d way rather have increased total weight than get hung up on FOC with lighter weight assuming all fly well. Of all those options the 550gr would be my preferred choice, never mind the fact that it’s what you already shoot. Stick with it

From: t-roy
Stekewood X2. I’ve killed 2 moose with a 425 grain arrow and had no issues. (heavier than that would probably be better, though). If it shoots great out of both bows then why over complicate things?

From: kota-man
I blew through a big bull moose length wise on a quartering towards shot. Entered in the left front crease and exited right hip. Moose tipped over within 40 yards. I was shooting a 60 lb. Defiant Turbo with ACC 3-60’s tipped with a 3 blade VPA weighing in at 415 grains. I would think your set up is fine.

From: Rickm
Don't over think it. Any of those setups is more than enough.

From: Alzy
I know where your going if you’re hunting bison; I’ve hunted there several times. Moose is one thing, but for bison I would go with my heaviest, best penetrating, and most accurate setup. They are ridiculously tough and massive! Good luck!

From: Shug
Good luck

From: Dale06
I’d be comfortable with any of those, but would pick the 550 with the 125 IW.

From: carcus
Lovely set ups you have there, I like my arrow speed to be 270-280 fps, a properly spined fmj gets me there with my 70lb rpm 360, my arrow is about 480gr, i've killed 4 moose and 6 elk with this set up, half of them where out of a 60 pound rpm or a 60 pound ds3800, I wouldn't change my setup, BH was a exodus on all kills

Ive killed two buffalos 1 in bc 49 yrds pass thru second one in Arizona 35 yrds arrow was sticking out the other side both with 100 GR fix blade .moose in Colorado pass thru 25 yrds expandables 70 lbs 485 grain arrow 100 point I think you are over thinking it

From: Ucsdryder
I guess I’m confused why you’re considering the other options? Increased speed? Flatter trajectory? It seems the 550 option would be a no brainer.

From: bbates
I’m just one of those who does too much over analyzing and has to try new stuff. Just a big hunt and want to do everything possible to show up the most prepared. But now is the time to make a decision and move forward.

I just had to try the Valkyrie set up so got to messing with things This past month.

Not bc of the foc or anything mainly more bc of the components and to see if it was worth the hype and $$$. It’s top quality stuff I just had to try it.

In the end I’m for sure sticking with the 550g set up in my 78lb bow and will probably grab it for the bison portion of the hunt. I’ve been happy with that set up for a long while.

From: Bou'bound
Until you walk up on a bull bison you have no concept of how big they are. Imagine a pile of a dozen or more average deer.

From: Ermine
Goldtip pierce tipped with an iron will!

From: TEmbry
Granted my bull wasn’t the biggest in the state, but a Rage didn’t let mine run more than 30 yards... I’d run exactly whatever arrow setup you run for anything else (elk, bear, deer, etc). Don’t overthink this part of your gear list.

From: BullBuster
Your moose penetration is more important than the bison. Bison are one of the few mammals that have a single pleural cavity encompassing both lungs. Most have separate closed cavities for each lung. Therefore you arrow only needs to get into the chest in order to drop both lungs. That is why the indians were so successful with their archery.

Last time I packed out a moose it was a with a buddy who killed it drawing in the low 40# range (shoulder injury) with a longbow. Two holes and short recovery.

From: Nick Muche
I shot a bison once with a 60lb bow and a 420 grain arrow. It blew right through him and the fletching got hung up on the pump station north of his heart. Watched him do the hippy hippy shake real quick like.

From: Trial153
Last moose i killed was with a 475 grain BEA rampage, 100 grain Soild. Pass through at 41 yards, he went about 15 steps and fell ass over tea kettle. This years elk arrow is a 515 grain Bea spartan with 100 grain Ironwills. I will most likely use the same set up for moose next fall as well.

From: Bou'bound

This year, I used a 485 grain arrow. Victory VAP TKO Elite 300 spine with 95grn insert and 100 grain broadhead (Solid Legend 3/4 bleeders). Shot her at 18 yards, arrow blew through her never to be seen again. She took 3 steps and fell over. Is also the same arrow I use for elk. Bow is RX3 28.5 draw at 71 lbs.

From: Treeline
Heck, he has probably already gone or is out there now!

Sounds like a hell of a hunt with a YUGE pile of meat at the end of the hunt!

Hopefully successful:-)


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