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Tradmike 04-Jul-18
JL 04-Jul-18
Bou'bound 04-Jul-18
Ibow 04-Jul-18
grape 04-Jul-18
lineman21 04-Jul-18
Wv hillbilly 04-Jul-18
Drop Tine 05-Jul-18
Griz34 05-Jul-18
newfi1946moose 05-Jul-18
jmiller 05-Jul-18
Bowhunter2003 05-Jul-18
spike buck 06-Jul-18
From: Tradmike
Looking for an Ontario bear outfitter, any recommendations? Know about Pine Acres. Thanks

From: JL

JL's Link
Try this....

From: Bou'bound
If you know about Pine acres that’s all you need to know

From: Ibow
Get on Pine Acre’s cancellation list. You never know.

From: grape
Chris at Pine Acres is as good as you will get..

From: lineman21
Have you heard of Pine Acres...oh wait.

Yep you can't go wrong with pine acres. Book his next open date and go hunt elk until then.

From: Drop Tine

Drop Tine's Link
I’ve had several friends go to Thaddeus Lake Lodge and all have had great hunts.

From: Griz34

Griz34's Link
I don't think you could go wrong with Pickerel Creek's about 20 miles north of Vermillion Bay. I've bear hunted with them and fished there several times. Dave and Betty are class A people. My dad has gone up there fishing every spring for close to 20 years I believe and also moose hunted with Dave. I'll be up there fishing next June, can't wait!

You might try Claude Turcotte at Over past years I have taken ten bears w/him. Located northwest of Ottawa in Quebec where he has open a new camp two years ago. By now he will have trained the bears to come to baits in the daylight. Lots of very good bear guides in Canada!

From: jmiller
I hunted with Gerald Arch at First Nation Guides out of Nestor Falls. My wife and I had a great hunt and also caught a bunch of walleyes.


Bowhunter2003's Link
My family and I have gone to Woman River Camp, and we have had great experiences there. We all saw quite a few bears and had some great fishing.

From: spike buck
What you can do is go on website. Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario. It Has a list of many bear outfitters from across Ontario. The list is of the members of the tourism organization. Some just North of you. Click on "our members" at top then "Regular Members" list...Chris.

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