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From: BG
After 9 years, I finally drew my 1st Colorado deer tag. I know this is the Bowsite, but I drew an early rifle tag for Units 48, 56, 481 & 561 for 9/8 – 9/16. For his high school graduation trip, my son wanted to go to Colorado to do some backpacking and trout fishing. We are planning to leave West TN this Saturday (7/7) and drive out to CO and spend a week fishing and scouting for my trip.

This is my 2nd mule deer hunt. I bowhunted a very average unit in NM last year to get my feet wet mule deer hunting. I was able to locate a few bucks but couldn’t close the deal with a bow due to the thick cover. Based on my map and Google Earth research, my current plans are to fish and scout in the area around Galena Mountain (Virginia Lake, Timberline Lake, Decker Lake & West Tennessee Lake – Unit 48) and possibly the area around Birthday Peak and Mount Columbia (Unit – 481). I will be doing a solo backpacking hunt. I am not looking for a trophy, I hope to find an area where I could have some fun watching some deer and have the opportunity to find a decent buck. Do you think the areas referenced above are good places to start scouting for my deer hunt? I would appreciate any additional information anyone could provide concerning fishing and hunting in these areas. I will be glad to communicate via private message or by email (

Thanks Brad

From: Treeline
The high lakes are great in July. Most of those lakes are beautiful native cutthroats. The Arkansas is good for brown trout and a lot of fun to float.

Deer numbers are down in that range, but there can be some good ones.

From: BG

Thanks for the info. Neither one of us have ever done in trout fishing (no trout in our part of TN) so it will be learning as we go. At least we will be in beautiful country and it will be a lot cooler that it is here at home.

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo
Keep at it. I shot this one last year, the last hour, of the last day of second rifle season. I only saw one other young 3x4 I passed on opening morning. I talked to quite a few hunters leaving early because they weren't seeing any good ones on public. It was hot the last two years and that affects movement down from the high country. I watched the same hillside that had about 30 does around it for several days hoping a shooter would show up. This guy was bedded in the shade of a juniper for an hour and I was able to knock him flat at 370 yds.

From: elkstabber
The fishing is good in those high lakes. Man, I hate that rifle hunters will be in the high country during the middle of archery season.

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