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ELK TALK Podcast with Randy and Corey
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From: Big Fin

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ELK TALK Podcast with Corey Jacobsen and Randy Newberg
Big Fin's embedded Photo
ELK TALK Podcast with Corey Jacobsen and Randy Newberg

Big Fin's Link
Some of you may have heard the rumblings of this new platform I am doing with Corey Jacobsen; ELK TALK Podcast. Today is the premiere of the first episode.

ELK TALK Podcast is all elk, only elk, and elk all the time. Presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and sponsored by, onX, Geber, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, and Sitka Gear.

This is only elk. No deer (sorry), no antelope (sorrier), no politics (yeah), just elk.

ELK TALK Podcast came about over the last few years as Corey and I tried to figure out a way to collaborate on some elk content ideas, beyond just having him be on some episodes with us. We decided that since nobody else is doing a podcast that is purely elk hunting and we get to mess up many elk encounters each year, maybe we should start a podcast that explains the huge amount of mistakes we make that eventually result in an elk getting tagged. Some call it advice, though to me it is just telling stories of how I screwed something up bad enough that it worked out.

You can download a iTunes, Stitcher, or through your favorite podcast app.

You can listen at the link above without downloading.

Episodes will be launched very other Friday. Hope you enjoy them. Hope you will share them with elk hunting friends.

Not sure if Pat and Charlie would be so inclined, but I think they would make for some interesting guests. If you have ideas for guests, let us know.

From: grossklw
God yes, have another soon to be great podcast for my training runs.

From: yooper89
Count me in. Big fan of Hunt Talk Radio.

From: Bowfreak
Definitely need to contact Bill Allard for a guest. If he would accept it would be gold if you got him spinning yarns. :)

From: jordanathome
more like elk rambling.....LOL Enjoyed #1

From: Brotsky
Good stuff gentlemen! Looking forward to listening in!

You have been producing some fantastic content lately Randy, thanks and keep up the good work!

Love it

From: CurveBow
Durn. Between Hunt Talk, Meat Eater and now Elk Talk - I don't have that much lawn to mow or days that I run! :) Bring it on gents. I figger' it out somehow!

From: goelk
Im in. Great job.

I watched it on YouTube last week. I like both of you guys but 2 hours and 19 minutes is just TOOOOOO excessive to watch two guys sitting at a table BSing each other about things I already know or have already heard about. The only thing I learned is that Randy is a CPA. Didn't know that !

What would you think about picking 1-2 things and talking about them for maybe an hour ?

I listen to a ton of podcasts....I just subscribed to Elk Talk and Hunt Talk. I listen to a lot of podcasts while doing other things like making arrows or cutting the grass, like curvebow, so a lot of things I need to listen to more than once. I also listen while I make long drives.....not so much on shorter drives.

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's Link
Now that we got the formalities out of the way in Episode #1, we get into more serious elk hunting discussions in future episodes, starting with Episode #2. This is about all the mistakes we make and have made. Most of what I learn (I learn really slowly) comes from making mistakes.

Link is the iTunes link for Episode #2:

Hope you will subscribe to this podcast via your favorite podcast app.

From: jordanathome
Thanks guys!!

From: LINK
Good stuff. Is Pizza on Corey’s keto diet?

From: jingalls
I think you should have WW on as he obviously is very experienced and could bring the rest of us a ton of insight!

Great job guys...Love it!!!

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