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I know it can be a hot button topic, but what are you using and do you like it...I don’t believe anything can make us totally scent free, but if it gives me a second or two more, I’m in...I probably use DDW more than anything else, but am open to other ideas, especially clothing wash...

From: broomstik2
look up the field & stream k9 police dog tests

I think the different brands are pretty much the same. I use DDW a bit for Whitetail hunting along with the Scent Crusher bag. I like to think it gives me a few extra yards from time to time.

I agree with all that is posted. I buy whatever is on sale, at Wal Mart after season, and can get about any brand for about 5.00 stored in cool basement, it is used during the season,,,,,, just a little help, and sometimes it helps........................

I started to use carbon synergy last year, and tested it on my traps, and it worked well

From: caribou77
Paul I've seen that test before but I do believe there was a difference between no products and using products. But yes, I'm the end, the dog always found the guy.

From: PECO
They found the guy in a few seconds with scent eliminator products. It took about 15 seconds with the scent masking products. Rubber boots, no help. The best results were with scent masking, like the dirt smell spray you can get cheap at wally world. Very interesting test.

From: Slate
Save your money on garbage scent killer products they do not work. Hunt the wind plain and simple.

From: Old School
I’ve experimented with a wide variety over my years of hunting. When I was young I’d go vegetarian for a month before bow season in an attempt to erase the “meat eater” scent from my body. I’d also store all my clothes in a garbage bag that had maple leaves in it. Then all the scent killer products came along and I tried most of them and found very little differentiation between them.

What I’ve found works best for me time and time again is when I wear wool bibs and jacket. Trade off is the weight and they are burr magnets.


From: GLP
Used to use DDW, but 3 years ago I purchased a ozone product from Whitetail'r called a "scent purge 50" for 50 dollars. I use it in the back of my Tacoma w/ a cap and now my truck is now a big scent crusher bag and a lot cheaper. Plug it in at night and unplug when I get to garage and have garage door open. (I do NOT want to breathe the ozone ) Also use it in the cab every so often to keep it some what scent free as possible. Always thought the sprays were reducing insulating ability of my clothes since they were part water. This seams to "help" more than anything I have tried before. Greg

I don't think there is ever going to be a way or product that fools the nose of a deer or elk. I try to minimize human scent. Leave the old spice at home during hunting season, use unscented deodorant cheap arm n hammer brand, unscented detergent, change out of hunting clothes when I get back to camp, never cook with hunting clothes on.. all attempts to minimize how much scent I take in the woods with me. But most importantly, play the wind that is the only to keep your scent away from the nose of the ungulates

From: Whocares
As a northern Minnesota whitetail hunter all my life I've tried them. May do some masking but don't have faith in them. Wind is the key as many have said. But there is one I tried a couple years ago in Colorado that was interesting. Nose Jammer. My grandson and I sat on a ridge glassing for elk in September one morning. I had sprayed some Nose Jammer on a log near us. We got up to leave, taking jackets off and getting our packs on when I saw a doe and young buck feeding along about 30 yds from us and definitely down wind. We we very much visible. Nudged my grandson and we both froze and watched. They slowly fed along and couple minutes later turned and fed back and clearly caught the scent and slowly began to approach us sniffing the air and I guess jamming their noses! They got inside 10 yds and stood there. Whispered to my grandson that he better tell his mother to buy a case of it. After a minute or so they turned and slowly fed away. I was impressed.

Tried it that November by a deer stand back home. Had a similar affect on two separate deer. I suspect it contains something the deer like as an attractant. Have heard numerous other stories about it. Can't say it has gotten me a deer or elk though. Just my sly cunning accounts for my hunting success! Anyway, so impressed by it that I forgot to buy any last Fall, go figure.

From: drycreek

drycreek's embedded Photo
drycreek's embedded Photo
My nose is not as good as an animals, but it's damn good. I've always been the first in a crowd to smell anything. I say that to clarify this: I sweat, and my caps get soaked when I work in the heat. Periodically, I wash them with this and it takes A LOT of the scent away. Not 100%, but probably 75/80%. I spray my rubber boots with Primos moist earth type spray. I've had hogs sniff where I walked and they didn't bust. They smelled something, but not enough to make them scared to stay. A hog is much more wary than any deer I've ever seen. I will use anything that I can to give me 10 more seconds. I can't convince people who don't believe these products help, so do what you want. Just sayin'.

From: SBH
Assuming we're talking WT tree stand hunting. I like the Primos spray....the stuff in a green bottle with silver xp. Also usually spray some nose jammer at the base of the tree and on my boots prior to walking in. My buddy uses coon piss on the bottom of his boots and swears by it. I don't use anything for elk, you have ability to move and play the wind. Hiking around sweating for days in a row...scent killer would be a waste of time. Number one thing is merino base layer for me when elk hunting then use scent free laundry soap to wash clothes in the creek.

I only use it on my boots and legs for walking to the stand ur body produces a ton of scent no matter how much u spray while sitting on stand.

Well for the few that can't answer a simple question...

Wind's a no brainier if you bow hunt...Assumed most know that already...It's more about giving you that extra second or two...

Thanks to the others that responded...

From: LBshooter
I use some scent killer , scent away prodycts and spray on my hands before I start touching my gear. I think a lot of it is a mental thing for me, but I also think it does help confuse the quarry for a second or two or maybe makes my scent not as fresh. I am a believer in nose jammer. Would love to se the police dog test with nose jammer.

From: 'Ike'
I keep hearing about Nose Jammer and watched a couple of the YouTube vids on it...Interesting for sure! I used vanilla before chasing Blacktails in OR and it did seem to have some curious effects on them...

From: 12yards
Honestly, I often walk a half mile or more to my stands and by the time I get there carrying about 35-40 pounds of stuff, often up some pretty big hills, I'm sweating. I count on the wind. I don't think any scent away spray is going to help me. So I try to pick the best route in to the downwind side of where I think the animal will come.

From: lv2bohunt
I have never been a big believer in scent elimination products but I tried the primos scent killer last season. It definitely works to some extent. It doesn’t eliminate your scent but covered it enough to confuse a mature doe long enough for me to get a shot. She and two other does hung around within 25 yards of me for about 30 minutes before she gave me a 10 yard shot.

From: JTV
DDW has spoiled on me and stank up a storm .. I'll never use it again .. you dont know how old it is when you buy it, they should date it... I use Sportwash to wash my clothes, hang outside when possible ... I'll use the Shampoos and deodorants, powder in the boots ..... I like Primos, I'll also use Wildlife Research or the HS sprays.. regular, no earth scent stuff .. but I do put the earth wafers in my green zippered HS bag ... yes, I also use the wind and hunt accordingly .. one reason I have over 40 locations I can get into ...

From: drycreek
I'm gonna tell this story too. I had a lease in Central Texas, it was target rich with turkeys and deer. I had some homemade bow blinds (round cattle panel blinds covered in black denim and camo burlap), and naturally they didn't hold scent. In one particular spot the does had learned to always go downwind. I could hear them come up behind me, blow, and haul ass. One Sunday morning before heading home, I showered with DDW soap, dressed out on the porch, took my big bottle of, DDW spray to the blind, sprayed down again, and sprayed the hell out of the inside of the blind. Sure enough, I heard deer behind me, then they began filtering out in front of me on both sides. I could have poked a couple of them with an arrow. Now, in case you think this tale is gonna end with blood on my arrow, then you would be wrong. The biggest old doe was my target, but she wasn't stupid. It was just like slow motion (when it played over and over in my mind) the way she ducked and that Axis just flew over her back and hung in the brush behind her. I did get a shot though, and that tells me that the detergent and sprays work to some extent.

From: Stubbleduck
The biggest difference I have found in 20 years of trying a large variety of scent elimination / masking products was when I started using the single use (I use a new one each day, they are a buck or two apiece) activated carbon breath shields. Thinking about it your breath is the one scent source that is continually "Refreshed" all day long on a stand. All the other scents you bring with you tend to dissipate over time and / or can be minimized by general cleanliness via laundry and bathing with unscented cleaning products. This is single source "Anecdotal" data but in the five or six years I have been using them I have become convinced that, while they don't eliminate the scent issue, they make a significant difference in how often I think I get "Busted" due to scent.

From: WapitiBob
I think Jaq uses nose jammer and I thought I remembered Cnelk testing setups and came to the conclusion a blind with ozonics worked best?

Jeff brings up a great point...Does scent killer products go bad! Everything expires eventually...

Bob, I’ve played with the Scent Crush car Ozonics plug in ... I like It!

From: Shawn
I use an Ozone generator by a company called Air-Zone. I use it in my vehicle on out of state hunts as well as in my motel room. I 100% believe it helps eliminate odors on my clothes and then I wash in scent free soap and also use the sprays. I like many believe this can at times by me a few extra yards or seconds. Shawn

From: HDE
None of that stuff works when chasing elk in Sept. As mentioned, hunt the wind.

From: Brooktrout59
Was in Cabelas during archery season and smell skunk real string two aisles over. Go to look and there was a guy all in Camo- asked him if he got sprayed. Says he'll no - he uses skunk cover scent ! He said best cover ever and deer do not mind. Sure his wife does or he lives alone!

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