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Back tension
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Ucsdryder 07-Jul-18
carcus 08-Jul-18
Dino 08-Jul-18
From: Ucsdryder
I switched to a Carter wise choice 4 months ago and have been really working on my pin float and back tension, surprise release. I find myself struggling at 20 yards because I want to punch the thumb release. It’s almost like the pin float is smaller so I am fighting it. When I get back to 40 I can’t hold onto the X so my mind gives in and let’s it float and pulls through.

A couple observations...

1. My shooting from long range has improved 10 fold since going away from a wrist rocket. I am shooting better at 100 than I used to shoot at 60-70.

2. There’s a lot to think about with a thumb release using back tension. I know I need to create that muscle memory, but in the heat of the moment I’m still not sure how I expect myself to relax my trigger hand and pulllllllllll....

From: carcus
I was practicing mostly with a back tension hing release then hunting with a index finger release, last year I thought it might be a good idea to hunt with a T handle thumb release as it is a more natural transition from my hinge, well I hated it, I gave it a month but couldn't get use to it!

From: Dino
Try the Carter evolution, to achieve pure back tension. Have u listened to John Dudley? He has some amazing podcasts and You tube videos, that address many of these issues. Good luck 2 u!!!

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