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Iahunter 09-Jul-18
WapitiBob 09-Jul-18
krieger 09-Jul-18
JL 09-Jul-18
drycreek 09-Jul-18
t-roy 09-Jul-18
From: Iahunter
Looking to pick up a few game cameras this summer any suggestions on a decent priced quality camera?

From: WapitiBob
Partner has been using the little browning ones.

From: krieger
Exodus had 45$ off their no frill model, takes it down to 100$. 5 year warranty, I just got a couple to try.

From: JL
What do you want to use the cam for? only, vids only? Just to see what is around or maybe good detail of the subject? Warranty is important. It seems some cams do good in cool to warm weather but when it gets very cold they don't hold up well....or at least if they have weak links the cold will bring it out.

From: drycreek
I've been using Bushnell for a while, but the Brownings seem to have lots of followers. I have one that I bought used and it's been going for three yesrs now. I think I'm gonna buy Browning as my others fail.

From: t-roy
I just picked up a couple Browning Strike Force Elite HD cameras that are on sale right now at Scheels for $70. Marked down from $140. They are last year’s models. I bought a couple of the same cameras last year and was very impressed with them.

TrailcamPro has reviews on almost every trailcam made. They sell most makes as well. Very good source of information.

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