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Elk hunt NM area 52
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AllHuntPsych 11-Jul-18
Thunder Head 11-Jul-18
bow-hnt 11-Jul-18
Dyjack 11-Jul-18
bow-hnt 12-Jul-18
Outdoorsdude 12-Jul-18
swampokie 12-Jul-18
swampokie 15-Jul-18
Chief 16-Jul-18
From: AllHuntPsych
I have been prepping for this hunt for awhile, i have hunted elk before but never with a bow. been to area 52 before but can not say i know the area. the most i know is san antonio and to the east of the toltec gorge. I have been hunting for many years but still consider myself a novice. I am looking for advice on hunting elk in this area, as i would really like to even just see something. going backpack in an out. and i was really wondering about jawbone mountain in the south west of the area as well if anyone has any info on that.will be going sometime early september, just not sure if i want to set up before the hunt or in the middle. 7 or 8 days will be my planned time. so again any info on where the elk generally hang out or advice on bowhuntin elk in general would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for a hunting partner as well.

From: Thunder Head
If I can find my map ill send you the two locations where I heard or saw elk.

From: bow-hnt
I can help, send me a private message, that's my second home...

From: Dyjack
If you look at the map you'll see there's only a few places you can really get away from a road. If you're gonna backpack in you'll see which one is the best choice. And I guarantee there's elk.

From: bow-hnt
hunt the diablo,

From: Outdoorsdude
Two years ago, 'backpacked in' (saved a mile walk) and woke up first morning to a truck driving past at 40 yards -- take your humor with you-- it's NM and you will probably need it daily. The elk will be where you find them and until someone bumps them. It makes me laugh how people hunt the 'northern part' or 'basin' because it's some how 'better'. Yet unit 51 is right south, and there's a ton of elk all over that place. Good luck! (I know a guy that loves Jawbone area, but it's all subjective)

From: swampokie
I second what outdoorsdude said. I hunted this unit a few times and I always find the animals im looking for the day before season only to have every side by side and z71 in new mexico drive through the meadow im setting in shortly after daylight opening morning. I will also be hunting 52 during the muzzy season and im sure if I get lost a Polaris razr will rescue me shortly!

From: swampokie

From: Chief
52 is a great unit and dont let anyone scare you off of your plan. There is some good bulls in there. You just have to hunt between the roads. Also there are restricted access in some areas but there are a few of those who will run their Rzrs or atvs thru. Get the decriptions of party and vehicle abd report them. Thats the only way to curce their intrusions. Good luck and Jawbone is a grwat place too. Look up high and low because them.elk are there.

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