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New binos need suggestions
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DMC65 11-Jul-18
Sling Shot 11-Jul-18
bowbender77 11-Jul-18
TEmbry 11-Jul-18
Trial153 11-Jul-18
splitlimb13 11-Jul-18
Treeline 11-Jul-18
DMC65 13-Jul-18
ground hunter 14-Jul-18
Kodiak 14-Jul-18
bobinbend 14-Jul-18
Lone Wolf 16-Jul-18
From: DMC65
I need some new binoculars and would like to know what you would suggest. I hunt for desert mule deer and coues whitetail in the southwest . I own Zeiss 10x40 now and they are excellent. Was thinking about 12s or maybe even 15s . What do y'all think?

From: Sling Shot
If you don't mind the extra weight, I have the Vortex 15x56. I like them a lot.

From: bowbender77
15s with a tripod.

From: TEmbry
Meopta 15x56, picked up a pair this spring after using some in Arizona coues hunting. Incredible difference glassing. It’s like watching bucks in an IMAX theater compared to normal binos they are so large and bright.

From: Trial153
I have had both 12 and 15s in various brand, I finally settle on 12x50 ELs, they are far and way the best game finding glass I have every sat behind I a tripod on.

From: splitlimb13
I got rid of my 10×42 the second I picked up a set of 12×50. I love them ,they are my go to glasses for every hunt. My Kaibab 20×56 are awesome in the desert and especially for coues deer. Just drop em on the tripod and glass for hours with no eye fatigue.

From: Treeline
I love the 15x56 Swarovski binoculars. Awesome!

Have an old set of the Ziess 15x60’s that have found tons of Coues deer bucks in their life but the Swaros are better.

You can get a mount for your 10’s to put on a tripod and you will be blown away at how much better you can find deer with them.

I know several Coues experts that swear by lower power glass on the tripod and use 7’s and 8’s. They find more deer than you would believe and just as far out as guys with the bigger glass. They confirm size with a spotter, but heck I do that with the 15’s as well.

Get a good Manfrotto carbon leg tripod and pan head and run those 10’s with a mount. You will not regret it.

From: DMC65
Thanks for the input ! I do use a tripod cause its just looking at brush without one. Carbon fiber vanguard Alta with an old albinar head . Smooth as butter! Got pretty good at finding deer with the tens just being able to see the details with em is lacking. Gonna check out those meoptas !!

Styrka best warranty on the market..... I love mine

From: Kodiak
"I love the 15x56 Swarovski binoculars. Awesome! Have an old set of the Ziess 15x60’s that have found tons of Coues deer bucks in their life but the Swaros are better."

I've always wondered how those two would compare. Good info.

From: bobinbend
I have both the EL's , 8 and 12's I find the 8s to be remarkably clearer than my 12's. Certainly a tripod is a must for serious glassing. I will set my 8s on top of the 12s, so I get a valid comparison between the two. If you have the old Zeiss 10x40, as I did, you will be blown away by the EL 8s. To do it over I would go with the 15's. Good luck, nothing better than glassing and stalking desert bucks!

From: Lone Wolf
I just bought a pair of Vortex Diamondback 12x50. I am amazed at how good they are for the money.

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