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From: sir misalots
Im setting up a commercial blind for the rut and late season I want it warm in late season and was wondering what heater you would recommend I just want enough to take the chill off (dont want to fall asleep) I went to harbor freight and got moving blankets to line the floor for sound (and warmth) With that said I must go find my panties

I'm looking for an air conditioner for my blind... Ed F

From: drycreek
Hey, I'm with you ! I use the old Coleman Black Cat heaters. They quit making them but sometimes you can find them in good condition on ebay. Seeing as how you're from Ohio, you might could use a Little Buddy, but they put out too much heat for our winters most of the time.

From: pointingdogs
Big Buddy

From: Buffalo1
My Buddy (Mr. Heater) golf cart heater

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
This one worked great for this spring’s 20 degree Oklahoma turkey opener. Glad my wife didn’t have to pack it too far ;-)

From: Schmitty78
I use the big buddy heater with the extra line, so you can hook it to a bigger propane tank. It’ll heat me out of my blind if it’s on high, but on low it’ll just knock the edge off a little

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