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Hunting pants with zip off legs?
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From: SDHNTR(home)
Does any of the quality camo manufacturers make lightweight pants with zip off legs? Or am I going to have to go join the hippies shopping at REI?

I hope you find some good answers. I’m wishing Kuiu would make a guide style pant with zippered legs.

I ordered the Uncompaghre jacket and pants. Jacket fits great. The pants not so much.

I’m still searching like you, friend.

From: Buffalo1
If they still sell them- Cabela's Safari Series pants. Have zip off legs and zippers for boots. They come in solid colors however.

From: Alzy
I have inexpensive zip off camouflage pants; they are awesome. I’m sure I bought them at Bass Pro years ago.

Not in camo that I've seen. BassPro is where I get mine and I just get them in tan and I think they're a fine pant for when it's really hot. KUIU has pants with zip down vents in the thighs that are amazing, but they don't turn into shorts.

From: Coyote 65
Costco has them, the Mrs. bought me 5 pair, tan, green, dark grey.


I should read better. You said lightweight, and I was stuck in needing heavyweights mode.


From: Treeline
Not sure how well shorts would work for hunting.

When I was in college we used to hunt July in Texas (HOT!) for pigs. I tried it once and then just hunted in camp pants.

No protection of your lower legs from brush scratching, weed and grass seeds get into your socks and boots to the point you have to stop and pluck them out, no protection of your knees for setting up for the shot, no protection from the sun, and a lot more opportunities for bugs (mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ants, etc) to get to you.

I second Idyll, the leg vents in the KUIU lightweight pants are awesome for hot weather hunting.

From: eddie c
the ones i have/had are made of nylon, quick drying, thin and cooler than cotton. i zipped them open a few inches for venting. those were made like swim trunks, mesh seat sewed in. i cut those out.

From: LKH
Not zip off legs, but most of my hunting clothes are home made and loose.

I carry a couple clips and when walking out in hot weather I roll the legs up to my pockets and clip in place. Really helps with keeping from over heating.

I'll admit my legs sometimes look like I have a dozen or so aggressive kittens living in the house.

From: LTG 11
First Lite obsidian pants have a button at the knee and then a loop inside so that you can roll the pants up and then secure it in place around knee level.

The pants are great too. (FL corrugate pant might have the button/loop too but I can't say for sure. )

From: White Falcon
I have been taking mine to a seamstress. I bring the heavy duty plastic, 24" zipper, and have them put on the out side of the legs. About $10..

From: Vids
Check out Prana Zions. Solid colors only however. I went backpacking in elk country last weekend in them and would have no issues with wearing them during early season.

From: BTM
Too sexy for your legs, eh? :)

From: Z Barebow
Vids x2- Beat me to it. I love the Zions (4 pair) most comfortable pant I have ever worn. Mine are not convertible, but they have a version that is.

From: PECO
Camo is not necessary. Light to medium earth tone colors are fine.

From: Pyrannah
Prana Zion x 3

I’m hiking this week and wearing two pairs of them they are outstanding, I beat the hell out of them without a scratch so far

The darker colors are a bit hotter but can roll the leg up if you need to

Ivve heard of another Prana pant that is supposed to be really good, not sure what they were though off hand.. brion maybe?

I see a product opening and business opportunity. Can you get investors and we’ll start a line of “zip-pants” ? Kind of like www.untuckit.com? Maybe have five camo options and make them interchangeable? I think we’re on to something!!

Pyrannah, I told you about the Brion, bro.

I like pants without cargo pickets myself. The Prana Brion are basically Zion pants without cargos.

They’re the best hot weather pants ever, and you can layer under them in colder weather. They stretch great and don’t slouch either. I backpack fly fish in them and they’re very stain resistant. I wade in them and they dry as quick as anything and don’t have a heavy wet feeling when wet from wading.

They’re awesome. I got two more pairs last week off Amazon - on sale almost 1/2 off.

From: painless
I like North Face Paramount convertibles. Color weimaraner brown. I had several pair of these through the years. They are a quality product.

From: Don K
You gonna have to try a different name Charlie as that one is already taken and a clothing company to boot

From: Pyrannah
Panther!!! I knew it was someone on here!!

Thanks man

From: SDHNTR(home)
Prana? Major facepalm! Can’t say I’m surprised tho, kinda knew this would be the conclusion. Baffles me that Sitka, Kuiu, FL, et al don’t make a pair.

From: Pyrannah
If you shop around though you can get Prana for a third of the price of some of those... that’s a big reason I’m wearing what I do anyway...

Not sure I’ll wear for whitetail out of a tree stand yet, but I might

From: grubby
Ya know I thought I had learned some secret from a greenie hiker chick I was dating when I started wearing the Prana pants....... I guess not

From: wooddamon1
FL Obsidian have a button and loop like mentioned, my Corrugate Guide pants don't, but should. Man those things are comfy.

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