M100U or Hawk Helium XL
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From: Aces11
I am debating on these two treestands for a light portable stand. I like the width of the Hawk, but like the longer platform on the M100U. I am not huge, but not small at 6’”1, 255 lbs. Any suggestions?

From: Scrappy
I have had lone wolf stands forever. I say that so you will understand what I'm comparing the m100u to. I bought the m100u to just try something different. Ordered it and got it delivered. That same day I put it together and hung it on a tree in the front yard. Stepped up on then stepped back off it. Looked at it real good to make sure it was put together right. Then took it back apart, boxed it back up, shipped it back.

I'm 5'10" 195 just your average size bow hunter I reckon. The m100u flexed and creaked in all different ways. Just plain felt unsafe and definitely not quite. Like I said above I have been hunting out of a lone wolf forever. I won't say it's a bad stand but definitely not a lone wolf.

At 255 I can say the m100u will probably disappoint you. I have no experience with the hawk stand sorry.

From: Aces11
Thanks Scrappy! I should consider a Lone Wolf as well, I can’t say I have ever heard anything bad about them.

From: W8N4RUT
I Have the helium. Like it.

Great stand.


From: Bowman
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I am a Richard robert who prefers the larger platform on the hawk helium XL. My first stand Best Essay Writing Services UK changed into a lone wolf alpha II and i like it however is high-priced whilst shopping for a couple of stands. This stand is sort of identical but fees $100 much less! Very mild, amazing cozy seat cushion, adjustable seat and big platform.

I love my M100U.

From: Old School
Eric - Millennium makes a great, comfortable stand. I opted for the M150, it’s weighs a little bit more, but for me the additional size was worth it. I guess it depends on how far you’re looking to pack it back in.


From: rebeccahi
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From: John278

From: BUCKeye
Rebeccahi- enjoy your super smash fast treestand...

From: BeckySpencer
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From: shiloh
I hunt out of that millennium and I’m 6’5” and weigh 265. No issues so far

From: ohiohunter
Whats up with all the spam in this thread??

From: shiloh
Pat is on a hunting trip. When the cat's away the mice will play


DennisArmstrong's Link
I love the Helium...

From: sumandesai
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From: Shawn
Hawk depending what ya want out of it. If hang and hunt the Hawk. If gonna leave in the tree, lots of options in the Millennium. Shawn

From: Candor
I bought a M150, used it for a week or so and then sold it. It was very comfortable and not hard to hang. What I did not like about it was I could not lean against the tree because of the seat design. When I have a deer coming in that I want to maybe shoot, I stand and edge up against the tree. It reduces my profile and helps stabilize me when standing. The M150 or M100 seat prevents you from propping yourself up on the tree. That, to me, offset the comfort of the seat design.

I also found shooting around the tree to be awkward because of the seat design.

They are all great stands,,,, saying that, I sold my LW for and XOP Vanish..... also on the Millenium I have the m7, it is so light its perfect, mine is rock solid.... I am 511 at 208, but I know you like a big platform

What I do not like so much on the Millenium is the ratchet system, but I deal with that, and can make that go pretty quiet

From: ManuelR
All great strands for me. I prefer the Helium too! Manuel | concrete contractors cincinnati

From: Reggiezpop
The Hawk Helium XL has served me well. I’m smaller at 6’ 175, so the platform is plenty big for me. I upgraded to more comfortable back pack straps. I strap on 3 Helium climbing sticks and a small pack. I hunt mostly public and walk quite a bit, so I like that it’s one of the lighter stands. I also have a Millennium m7 like Mike above. I traded out the ratchet strap for a LW cinch strap, and its works great. Super light, but super tiny platform that I don’t think you would like. Lots of good options out there.

From: Bowman
The Millennium is what started it all for me. Great quality, I'll never use anything else! I'm pretty old fashioned though.. Carlos - https://tilecontractorswinnipeg.com

From: brielleluna
M100U would always and will always be the best choice. https://coutureusa.com/


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